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Clyde Sandifer, Acute Myeloid Leukemia Survivor

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“I’m in remission, but my aggressive cancer could return. I’ve had to become more comfortable with uncertainty and that’s not always easy,” said Clyde. “But when we participate in massage, meditation or art programs, there is a real positive change that happens within our minds and bodies. It’s helping us learn to better manage the struggles and embrace the triumphs.”

THRIVE is based on the Mind-Body Medicine approach that utilizes the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health. Research shows that when Mind-Body programs are used with conventional therapies, side effects of chemotherapy and radiation are better controlled and patients’ overall well-being is enhanced. This is why patients and caregivers are urged to take advantage of free THRIVE services based on individual needs and preferences, such as massage therapy, art workshops, yoga sessions, support groups, mediation and so much more.

THRIVE services are offered to patients and their family members who are actively being treated for cancer, as well as those who have completed their treatment plan to promote physical and emotional healing.