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Elizabeth Franklin, Stomach Cancer Survivor

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After visiting several well-known healthcare facilities in various states and getting the same feedback from all of them, Elizabeth Franklin was told that a cancerous tumor in her stomach was inoperable. She felt helpless and scared and thought she would have to live with a tumor that could one day take her life.

However, her outlook quickly changed when her gastroenterologist referred her to John Lyons, MD, a surgical oncologist at the Cancer Center. After a CT scan, Dr. Lyons told Elizabeth that he was confident he could immediately and safely remove her tumor.

Dr. Lyons also determined that the surgery could be performed robotically, which produces smaller scars, less pain and a shorter recovery period. And ironically, at the same time all of this was happening, Elizabeth had just started working at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center as a social worker on the oncology unit.

“I received the same answer from other healthcare facilities all over the country: my tumor was inoperable,” said Elizabeth. “But Dr. Lyons understood my disease in a way others didn’t; he possessed expertise that others didn’t. He saved my life, so now as a social worker I can help other people fighting cancer.”