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Rose Hudson

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Rose HudsonRose Hudson is a prominent industry and community leader, serving as Louisiana Lottery’s President/CEO since 2006, only the fourth in the company’s history. Under her leadership, the Lottery has enjoyed some of its most successful years in its 22-year history, garnering cumulatively more than $2.7 billion that have been used to fund K-12 education in Louisiana.

Rose utilizes her time and talents to benefit the community through her current service as Chair of the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Foundation Board of Directors and by serving on the boards of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. She has previously served on the boards of the Association of Junior League International, Louisiana United Negro College Fund and Louisiana Art and Science Museum.

She is also an industry leader, currently serving as vice president of the Multi-State Lottery Association, a non-profit organization of 33-member lotteries which operates a collection of multi-jurisdictional lottery games, including Mega Millions and Powerball. Previously, Rose served in all leadership roles of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. In addition, she served as the former chairman of its Powerball Game Group, which manages the game’s $2 million annual budget, rules, and policies.

Her impressive legacy of service, though, began with her parents who encouraged her to engage in service from a young age. Service is the rent you pay to be part of a community, her father was fond of saying.

She continued to develop her passion for service as a college student at Dillard University through volunteering with her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. But her desire to give back through service solidified when she was invited to be part of a telethon for Mary Bird Perkins, and she witnessed firsthand what an impact high-quality cancer care has on the community.

In addition to her community service, Rose was inducted to the Nicholls State University Louisiana Center for Women and Government Hall of Fame in 2012. She has been named one of the “Most Powerful and Influential Women in Louisiana” by the National Diversity Council, was recognized as an Influential Women in Business by the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, and was named LSU Masters of Public Administration Alumnus of the Year by the Department of Public Administration at LSU.

Of all her many accomplishments, though, her two children bring her immense pride.

My Mary Bird Perkins Story

What makes Mary Bird Perkins the leading cancer care organization?
Mary Bird Perkins is exceptional in its commitment to transforming cancer care in our region. Whether through its leading medical physics program, revolutionary treatment options such as the Gamma Knife Icon, or providing holistic care that treats the body and the mind, we are fully committed to providing the very best possible care. It permeates the entire organization, from the physicians and oncologists to the receptionists.

Why do you support Mary Bird Perkins?
Having been affected by a cancer diagnosis in my family, I understand what it means to have a place like Mary Bird Perkins to provide care to your loved ones during such a difficult time. It has made it even more important to me personally that our community continues to have this level of cutting-edge research and cancer care available here in Louisiana.

Why is a gift to the endowment so important?
A gift to the endowment forms the financial foundation needed to allow Mary Bird Perkins to provide this exceptional level of care for generations to come.

If someone asked you why he/she should make a gift to Mary Bird Perkins, what would you say?
When you consider the impact that receiving care has on a patient’s ability to lead a high-quality life in the communities we serve, it is transformative. Mary Bird Perkins is committed to improving survivorship and lessening the burden of cancer, and a gift to the Cancer Center ensures that the organization can serve its mission throughout our region.

What is your vision for MBP and how do you think philanthropy can drive that vision?
My vision is that Mary Bird Perkins is the center of choice for cancer care in our region. It’s critical that everyone be aware that we provide leading-edge care right here in our own backyard. But it is through philanthropic support that we can provide the very highest quality cancer care available to the people of our community.

What motivated you to accept the invitation to serve on the MBPCF Board of Directors?
After being affiliated with the telethon and witnessing both what a well-run organization Mary Bird Perkins was and how passionate and committed their leadership and board members were, it was an easy decision to accept the invitation to serve. I am honored to contribute my time and support to this worthy organization.