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Naming Opportunities

The Cancer Center’s vision is taking shape through a major $30 million facilities and technology investment, transforming the way cancer care is delivered into a highly personalized experience, centered on the individual patient. The expanded and renovated facilities and new technology will
augment the world-class skills and expertise of the hundreds of dedicated medical and support professionals who strive daily to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer through collaboration.

This renovated, world-class cancer center contains over 200 available naming opportunities for physical space, programs, services and healing art for donors interested in honoring or remembering a friend, family member or loved one.

Note that while a donation made through the Take the Fight Forward initiative will not pay for physical space, your gift will take care of cancer patients and families fighting right here at home.

$500,000 - $1 Million

$1,000,000 Atrium/Gallery (First Floor)
$500,000 Wilson Meditation Art Wall and Meditation Room (Second Floor)

$250,000 - $499,999

$400,000 Floor Two (Elevator Lobby/ Second Floor)
$400,000 Floor Three (Elevator Lobby/ Third Floor)
$400,000 Floor Four (Elevator Lobby/ Forth Floor)
$400,000 Floor Five (Elevator Lobby/Fifth Floor)
$400,000 Floor Six (Infusion Clinic) RESERVED
$300,000 Palliative and Supportive Care Clinic (Fifth Floor) RESERVED
$300,000 Radiation Oncology Clinic (First Floor)
$300,000 Clinical Research Clinic (Second Floor)
$300,000 Medical Oncology Clinic (MOA/Third Floor)
$300,000 Medical Oncology Clinic (LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$250,000 Entrance Pavilion (First Floor) RESERVED
$250,000 The Overlook (Second Floor) RESERVED
$250,000 Head & Neck Center (Fourth Floor)
$250,000 Voice Center (Fourth Floor)

$100,000 - $249,999

$200,000 Treatment Suite (5 Available/Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$150,000 Dispensary Pharmacy (Fifth Floor)
$150,000 Infusion Pharmacy (Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$100,000 Flagpole Area (Front Lawn) RESERVED
$100,000 Treatment Planning Room (Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$100,000 Imaging Suite (4 Available/Moran Imaging/First Floor)
$100,000 Reception Area (Moran Imaging/First Floor) RESERVED
$100,000 Waiting Room (Moran Imaging/First Floor) RESERVED
$100,000 Waiting Room (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor) RESERVED
$100,000 Waiting Room (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$100,000 The Overlook Café (Second Floor) RESERVED

$50,000 - $99,999

$75,000 Clinical Physics Work Room (Physics/First Floor)
$75,000 Conference Room (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$50,000 Family Waiting Room (First Floor/Patient Exit) RESERVED
$50,000 Waiting Room (Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor) RESERVED
$50,000 Special Procedure Room (1 Available/Radiation/First Floor)
$50,000 Large Nurse Station (Radiation/First Floor)
$50,000 Large Nurse Station (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$50,000 Large Nurse Station (2 Available/Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$50,000 Consult Room (4 Available/Radiation/First Floor) RESERVED
$50,000 Consult Room (2 Available/Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor)
$50,000 Consult Room (2 Available/Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$50,000 Work Room (Clinical Research/Second Floor)
$50,000 Lab (Clinical Research/Second Floor)
$50,000 Lab (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$50,000 MDC Treatment Room (Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor) RESERVED

$10,000 - $49,999

$30,000 Exam Room (16 Available/Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor, Rooms 1-17)
$30,000 Exam Room (16 Available/Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor, Rooms 1-16)
$30,000 Exam Room (Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor)
$30,000 Exam Room (12 Available/Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$30,000 Nurse Station (Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor)
$30,000 Nurse Station (2 Available/Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$30,000 Sickle Cell Clinic (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$30,000 Scheduling Area (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor) RESERVED
$25,000 Bio Lab (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$25,000 Patient Navigator Office (2 Available/Second Floor)
$25,000 Patient Navigator Office (1 Available/Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$25,000 Resident Area (Clinical Physics/First Floor)
$25,000 Student Area (Clinical Physics/First Floor)
$25,000 Dietitian Office (Radiation Oncology/First Floor) RESERVED
$25,000 Private Infusion Bedroom (3 Available/Sixth Floor)
$15,000 Ambulance/Emergency Receiving (First Floor)
$15,000 Patient Services Office (Moran Imaging/First Floor)
$15,000 Patient Financial Counseling Room (Moran Imaging/First Floor)
$15,000 Reception Area (Moran Imaging/First Floor)
$15,000 Reception Area (Third Floor/Supportive Care)
$15,000 Reception Area (Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$15,000 Reception Area (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$15,000 Reception Area (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$15,000 Private Infusion Room (2 Available/Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$15,000 Large Indoor Respite Bench (Atrium/First Floor) RESERVED
$15,000 Large Outdoor Respite Bench (Entrance/Drop Off Area) RESERVED
$10,000 Guest Services Office (1 Available/First Floor)
$10,000 Semi-Private Infusion Bay (27 Available/Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$10,000 Staff Lounge (2 Available/Third and Fifth Floor) RESERVED
$10,000 Scheduling Area (3 Available/Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$10,000 Scheduling Area (3 Available Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$10,000 Outdoor Respite Bench (3 Available/Pick Up Area) RESERVED
$10,000 Small Indoor Respite Bench (Corridor/First Floor) RESERVED

Healing Arts Program

$500,000 Wilson Meditation Art Wall and Meditation Room (Second Floor)
$400,000 Commissioned Sculpture (Main Entrance)
$150,000 Floor One (Entryway/Atrium/Corridor/Moran Imaging Center)
$100,000 Commissioned Sculpture (Legacy Wall)
$25,000 Floor Two (Patient & Family Resource Library/Conference Center/Administration) RESERVED
$25,000 Floor Six (Patient Infusion Clinic) RESERVED
$20,000 Floor Five (LHOA/Medical Oncology/Palliative & Supportive Care/ Dispensary)
$15,000 Floor Four (Head & Neck Clinic and Voice Center)
$15,000 Floor Three (Medical Oncology/MOA)