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Investor Collective

Investor Collective

The Investor Collective (IC) brings together a progressive network of individuals devoted to enhancing and furthering the mission of the Cancer Center. This like-minded men’s group leverages their collective interests to advance cancer care in our community.

Together, IC members make a larger impact by choosing Cancer Center programs to fund over the course of the year. This year, 2020, the three mission-critical programs that this collective funded are professional education, Cancer Services, and patient navigation.

On Tuesday, October 13, Dr. Gerald J. Calegan, II, M.D., a Neurologist and Movement Disorder Specialist at NeuroMedical Center, presented to the IC on what he calls “the three pillars of health: diet/nutrition, exercise and sleep” in order to unlock the natural healing powers of the human body and their correlation to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Click here for a recap of his recommended resources, books, tools and more.


Investor Collective member Michael Hackett shared his story about his diagnosis of colorectal cancer at a recent Pro Series event. Watch Michael’s inspiring personal testimony about his cancer journey below.

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