Naming Opportunities


The Cancer Center’s vision is taking shape through a major $30 million facilities and technology investment, transforming the way cancer care is delivered into a highly personalized experience, centered on the individual patient. The expanded and renovated facilities and new technology will augment the world-class skills and expertise of the hundreds of dedicated medical and support professionals who strive daily to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer through collaboration.

There are over 200 naming opportunities within the Cancer Center including physical space, patient programs, and healing arts for a donor to honor or memorialize family, friends and loved ones. Opportunities range from $10,000 to $1 million based on gift size and donor interest.

Note that while a donation made through the Take the Fight Forward initiative will not pay for physical space, your gift will take care of cancer patients and families fighting right here at home.

$500,000 - $1 Million

$1,000,000 Atrium/Gallery (First Floor)
$500,000 Wilson Meditation Art Wall and Meditation Room (Second Floor)

$250,000 - $499,999

$400,000 Floor Two (Elevator Lobby/ Second Floor)
$400,000 Floor Three (Elevator Lobby/ Third Floor)
$400,000 Floor Four (Elevator Lobby/ Forth Floor)
$400,000 Floor Five (Elevator Lobby/Fifth Floor)
$400,000 Floor Six (Infusion Clinic) RESERVED
$300,000 Palliative and Supportive Care Clinic (Fifth Floor) RESERVED
$300,000 Radiation Oncology Clinic (First Floor)
$300,000 Clinical Research Clinic (Second Floor)
$300,000 Medical Oncology Clinic (LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$250,000 Entrance Pavilion (First Floor) RESERVED
$250,000 The Overlook (Second Floor) RESERVED
$250,000 Head & Neck Center (Fourth Floor)
$250,000 Voice Center (Fourth Floor)

$100,000 - $249,999

$200,000 Treatment Suite (5 Available/Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$150,000 Dispensary Room (LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$150,000 Pharmacy (Fifth Floor)
$150,000 Infusion Pharmacy (Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$100,000 Flagpole Area (Front Lawn) RESERVED
$100,000 Entrance Vestibule (First Floor)
$100,000 Treatment Planning Room (Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$100,000 Imaging Suite (4 Available/Moran Imaging/First Floor)
$100,000 Reception Area (Moran Imaging/First Floor) RESERVED
$100,000 Waiting Room (Moran Imaging/First Floor) RESERVED
$100,000 Waiting Room (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor) RESERVED
$100,000 Waiting Room (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$100,000 The Overlook Café (Second Floor) RESERVED

$50,000 - $99,999

$75,000 Clinical Physics Work Room (Physics/First Floor)
$75,000 Conference Room (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$50,000 Family Waiting Room (First Floor/Patient Exit) RESERVED
$50,000 Waiting Room (Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor)
$50,000 Special Procedure Room (2 Available/Radiation/First Floor)
$50,000 Large Nurse Station (Radiation/First Floor)
$50,000 Large Nurse Station (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$50,000 Large Nurse Station (2 Available/Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$50,000 Consult Room (4 Available/Radiation/First Floor) RESERVED
$50,000 Consult Room (2 Available/Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor)
$50,000 Consult Room (2 Available/Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$50,000 Work Room (Clinical Research/Second Floor)
$50,000 Lab (Clinical Research/Second Floor)
$50,000 Lab (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$50,000 MDC Treatment Room (Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor) RESERVED

$10,000 - $49,999

$30,000 Exam Room (16 Available/Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor, Rooms 1-17)
$30,000 Exam Room (16 Available/Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor, Rooms 1-16)
$30,000 Exam Room (Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor)
$30,000 Exam Room (12 Available/Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$30,000 Nurse Station (Palliative and Supportive Care/Fifth Floor)
$30,000 Nurse Station (2 Available/Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$30,000 Sickle Cell Clinic (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$30,000 Scheduling Area (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$25,000 Bio Lab (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$25,000 Patient Navigator Office (2 Available/Second Floor)
$25,000 Patient Navigator Office (2 Available/Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$25,000 Resident Area (Clinical Physics/First Floor)
$25,000 Student Area (Clinical Physics/First Floor)
$25,000 Dietician Office (Radiation Oncology/First Floor) RESERVED
$25,000 Private Infusion Bedroom (3 Available/Sixth Floor)
$15,000 Ambulance/Emergency Receiving (First Floor)
$15,000 Patient Services Office (Moran Imaging/First Floor)
$15,000 Patient Financial Counseling Room (Moran Imaging/First Floor)
$15,000 Reception Area (Moran Imaging/First Floor)
$15,000 Reception Area (Third Floor/Supportive Care)
$15,000 Reception Area (Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$15,000 Reception Area (Medical Oncology/LHOA/Fifth Floor)
$15,000 Reception Area (Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$15,000 Private Infusion Room (2 Available/Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$15,000 Large Indoor Respite Bench (Atrium/First Floor) RESERVED
$15,000 Large Outdoor Respite Bench (Entrance/Drop Off Area) RESERVED
$10,000 Guest Services Office (1 Available/First Floor)
$10,000 Semi-Private Infusion Bay (34 Available/Infusion/Sixth Floor)
$10,000 Staff Lounge (2 Available/Third and Fifth Floor) RESERVED
$10,000 Scheduling Area (3 Available/Radiation Oncology/First Floor)
$10,000 Scheduling Area (3 Available Medical Oncology/MOA/Third Floor)
$10,000 Outdoor Respite Bench (3 Available/Pick Up Area) RESERVED
$10,000 Small Indoor Respite Bench (Corridor/First Floor) RESERVED

Healing Arts Program

$500,000 Wilson Meditation Art Wall and Meditation Room (Second Floor)
$400,000 Commissioned Sculpture (Main Entrance)
$150,000 Floor One (Entryway/Atrium/Corridor/Moran Imaging Center)
$100,000 Commissioned Sculpture (Legacy Wall)
$25,000 Floor Two (Patient & Family Resource Library/Conference Center/Administration) RESERVED
$25,000 Floor Six (Patient Infusion Clinic) RESERVED
$20,000 Floor Five (LHOA/Medical Oncology/Palliative & Supportive Care/ Dispensary)
$15,000 Floor Four (Head & Neck Clinic and Voice Center)
$15,000 Floor Three (Medical Oncology/MOA)

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