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The Cancer Center team consists of the most compassionate, dedicated people providing the best care in the region. This is why years ago, team members founded Partners of Hope (POH), a team member giving program, providing another way to advance the organization’s mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer. POH provides an easy way for Mary Bird Perkins and hospital partner employees and physicians to give through payroll deductions or one-time gifts.

If you participated last year and wish to continue, you don’t need to do anything. If you’d like to make a change or if you would like to enroll, please fill out the form.

You can electronically fill in and email the POH enrollment form to Corrie Mackey ( You can also download, print and fill out the form and interoffice it to Corrie in Mary Bird Perkins’ HR Department.

2020-2021 FOCUS

Partners of Hope funds will be directed to every Mary Bird location and Cancer Services with the amount allocated based on volume and need:

Transportation is a tremendous need among all Mary Bird locations. If those impacted by cancer cannot access treatment or support services, it can severely impact outcomes. Dollars donated will go toward transportation services and gas cards for those in critical need so they can quickly and conveniently access care.

Patient Navigation
The journey of a cancer patient can be a long and complicated one, especially for those with limited resources. Patient navigators remove barriers to care and ensure that patients receive the help they need every step of the way. POH can help ensure a strong, robust patient navigation program is there for every patient who is in need.

Food Security
In order to receive all of the benefits of treatments, patients must be nutritionally sound. However, there are many who don’t have enough to eat or the appropriate food for their condition. For example, POH funds can help ensure Cancer Services Boost, a nutritional supplement, is available for those who need to maintain their strength and weight, but have challenges with solid foods. POH funds will help ensure a proper supply of food for these individuals.

Nutritional Counseling
Some cancer treatments can change how food tastes or curb a patient’s appetite. After cancer treatment, it’s important to maintain a well-balanced meal plan. Our nutritionists can help patients plan a diet that meets nutritional requirements, but also satisfies the appetite. We offer nutritional counseling to patients at some of our cancer centers, and we can also make referral. This service is usually not covered by insurance plans, so donor dollars are key to keeping it strong.

Socioemotional Services
Socioemotional services are available to patients and their family members to help them define concerns and develop an individual treatment plan aimed at helping them cope with emotional stress through all phases of the cancer experience, including: anxiety and sadness, depression, family coping, relationship issues, changes in thinking and behavior and more. Social services are not insurance reimbursable, so POH funds can help ensure patients receive these services.

*Funds may also be utilized for other patient programs as needs arise throughout the year.



Check back soon to hear from colleagues about why giving to Partners of Hope is important to them. If you’d like to share, contact Alec Bordelon at