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Message from Todd Stevens

A Special Message from Todd Stevens

Dear Team,

Partners of Hope (POH) is a vital part of our mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer. Connecting team member giving to the needs of cancer patients is what POH is all about! I am excited to share some enhancements to the POH giving program that address critical needs in a new way.

After consulting with many team members across our network, two vital patient challenges continuously surfaced: transportation and food security. Imagine the difference we can make as a team by helping to eliminate these substantial barriers to care that many patients encounter. In my conversations with team members who work to support the needs of patients, they recounted example after example of how the lack of transportation and access to nutritious, healthy food options impacted a patient’s experience. We don’t foresee these needs changing in the future, and contributing to these two vital areas will immediately impact care. Imagine looking back five years from now and reflecting on the thousands of rides that we as a team made possible and the difference that providing food security will make in patient outcomes.

When discussing dedicating POH funds to these two vital needs support was universal, but many asked two important questions; “How can we be sure that the POH funds invested by our fellow team members go to these two initiatives?” and “How will the program be administered so it is equitable across all locations given the needs of patients versus the number of employees who work at each location?” The plan to address these important questions is detailed below, which I am committed to put into action.

How funds will be managed:

The POH team member giving campaign will begin on October 1st and conclude on November 15th. Once the campaign is complete, 75% of the funds donated (through payroll deduction or direct gifts) will be credited to the POH Patient Transportation Program Fund. The remaining 25% will be credited to the POH Food Security Fund. Why is the allocation 75%/25%? At this point, we have a solid understanding of the need for patient transportation. The POH Patient Transportation Program Fund would be expended based on patient need with navigators and social workers from all locations having access to the funds. MBP will enter into direct contracts with transportation companies in each location and make it possible to use Circulation (LYFT) when necessary. When it comes to the POH Food Security Program Fund, each location is working to address patient needs, but these necessities are different based on local resources and services. To support each location, funds would be made available based on requests. As the programs are launched and we gain experience, the allocation percentage between transportation and food security could change to match program growth and current needs. My commitment to you is that I will personally allocate my time to assure both the POH Transportation and Food Security Program Funds are set-up and administered so that 100% of your funds are directed to these important purposes.

Your dedication to patients is appreciated and I thank you for considering this additional way to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer. Together, we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of many patients through Partners of Hope!


Todd Stevens
President & CEO