Cancer Program Accredited with Commendation

The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons Accredits Cancer Program


(Baton Rouge, La.) The Commission on Cancer (CoC) has granted Three-Year Accreditation with Commendation to The Cancer Program of Our Lady of the Lake and Mary Bird Perkins, marking the 19th year of the program’s consecutive Accreditation by CoC. Additionally, the Cancer Program received commendations in all eight major categories surveyed.

“This accreditation is an acknowledgement that patients can receive high quality cancer care right here at home. When you are in the fight for your life, you want to receive the most advanced care and be near your family, friends and other supporters,” said Dr. Mitch Berger, medical director of the Cancer Program. “The surveyors were extremely complimentary of the overall level of care the Cancer Program provides, and were particularly impressed with our commitment to clinical research, quality of care and screening and early detection programs.”

The eight major categories surveyed include:

* Institutional and Programmatic Resources
* Cancer Committee Leadership
* Cancer Data Management and Cancer Registry Operations
* Clinical Management
* Research
* Community Outreach
* Professional Education and Staff Support
* Quality Improvement

The Commission on Cancer, a multidisciplinary program of the American College of Surgeons, conducts regular accreditation surveys to ensure that cancer facilities offer a wide-range of medical services and a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. A facility receives a Three-Year Accreditation with Commendation following the onsite evaluation by a physician surveyor during which the facility demonstrates its ability to provide quality care close to home, clinical trials and new treatment options, a cancer registry, ongoing monitoring and enhancement of care and comprehensive care with a multispecialty, team approach.

The Cancer Program of Our Lady of the Lake and Mary Bird Perkins is the most comprehensive cancer program in the region offering patients the convenience of receiving high-quality, advanced cancer care in one location, close to home. The Cancer Program offers surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and has been accredited by The American College of Surgeons since 1992 – the gold-standard for community-based cancer care. This program is a participant in the prestigious National Cancer Institute (NCI) Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP). For more information on our cancer program and the NCCCP, please visit or

Through an exclusive partnership with the American Cancer Society, the CoC provides the public with information on the resources, services, and cancer treatment experience for each CoC-accredited cancer program. This information is shared with the public on the American Cancer Society’s Web site at and through the American Cancer Society’s National Cancer Infor4mation Center at 1-800-ACS-2354. For more information about the Commission on Cancer, visit