Medical Services

Medical Services

About Medical Services

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it impacts everything and everyone in their life. This is why Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center offers an array of services for patients and their loved ones. Learn more about the support we provide before, during and after treatment.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is often the first step in a cancer diagnosis. A variety of machines, including x-rays, CT scans and MRI scans, can be used to create pictures of the structures inside the body to rule out or diagnose a certain medical condition. Most imaging tests and painless and easy, but certain involve small amount of radiation.

Disease Site Teams

Disease site teams, or multidisciplinary care teams, are specialists from each diagnostic, treatment and supportive care discipline working together in the same facility where state-of-the-art cancer treatment is given, and relevant research is conducted.

Experts across the nation agree: Multidisciplinary care is the gold standard for treating cancer patients. From tumor board meetings where physicians review and discuss treatment options to specialized teams that focus on some of the most prevalent cancers affecting Gulf Coast residents, multidisciplinary care takes many shapes at the Center.

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center

During cancer treatment, there may be a need for facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Baton Rouge and our partners offer this service to provide you with comprehensive care.

Genetic Counseling

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center provides genetic counseling and testing services for people who have an increased risk for hereditary cancer. Based on your risk assessment, we can assist you in making informed medical decisions.

Head & Neck Center

The Head and Neck Center in Baton Rouge provides services from well-renowned doctors with expertise in treating cancer and providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment of disorders of the head and neck region.

Medical Oncology

Medical oncologists are doctors who hold special training to diagnose, treat and provide health care for those with cancer. They often treat using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy. We provide medical oncology services in Baton Rouge, Covington, Gonzales and Houma. 

Nutritional Services

Maintaining good nutrition and a proper diet is important when going through cancer treatment. Doctors and researchers have found that patients who eat well during their treatment periods are better able to withstand the side effects and possible stress related to treatment.

Patient Navigation

Studies show that newly diagnosed cancer patients rate their quality of care higher and report fewer problems if they receive support from a patient navigator. This is why Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, in conjunction with its hospital partners, offers navigation services for every patient from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship. In addition to easing concerns, answering questions, coordinating care and assisting patients and their families with informed decision-making, patient navigators also schedule consultations with other patient support services. Patient navigation services are made possible by the generosity of the community.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology is another specialty within oncology used to treat a cancer diagnosis. Radiation oncologists use different types of radiation, including x-rays, gamma rays or electrons, to treat cancers and may also be used in conjunction with surgery and/or chemotherapy.

In addition, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Baton Rouge offers the most precise, noninvasive treatment for brain tumors and other central nervous system disorders with the Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™. This is the only system of its kind in the Gulf South. If you are a physician, patient or caretaker and would like to learn more, please call (225) 767-0847 or click here.

Social Services

Social workers are advocates for patients and families, helping them access the services they need. They also understand how factors such as ethnicity, spirituality and family issues may influence how patients are dealing with their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Supportive and Palliative Care

Palliative care, or sometimes referred to as supportive care and comfort care, is dedicated to making patients with cancer live an easier life and improve their quality of life. Palliative care focuses on cancer prevention and treatment, as well as managing the psychological, physical, social and spiritual side effects that result from the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Support and Survivorship

More Americans are surviving cancer than ever before due to advancements in cancer treatment and research. To help survivors lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives, the Center has survivorship programs that address social, emotional and spiritual needs for the rapidly increasing number of cancer survivors.


Surgery is another option used to diagnose and treat cancer and can be used alongside chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.


Many innovative practices that have improved radiation-based imaging and treatment technology are a result of collaboration between the Center’s physicians and medical physicists. These scientists are finding new ways to use technology to enhance patient care.

Tumor Conferences

Tumor conferences allow for doctors of multiple disciplines to analyze and discuss patients with complex solid tumor and blood-related cancers to confer on potential treatment options.

Tumor Registry

The Tumor Registry collects data on cancer type, stage and treatment results and offers lifelong patient follow-up. When combined with other cancer cases nationally, researchers are able to identify trends in cancer incidence and mortality, as well as patterns in diagnosis, treatment and survival.

Voice Center

The Center treats voice disorders and specializes in care for those whose occupations make them more prone to vocal problems, such as singers or speakers.

Women’s Imaging & Breast Center

Recognized as a center of excellence, our Women’s Imaging and Breast Center provides advanced diagnostic services and greater comfort.