New Treatment for Breast Cancer that has Spread to the Brain

New Treatment for Metastatic breast cancer

When people hear “breast cancer,” they don’t usually think of the disease affecting the brain. But it can happen and when it does it’s called metastatic breast cancer. It can occur when women are first diagnosed, but more commonly it metastasizes, or spreads, months or years after the initial treatment has been completed. In the […]

Treatment for Brain Tumors and Central Nervous System Conditions Can Begin at Home

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By Andrew Elson, M.D. Painless, noninvasive, nonsurgical, outpatient. These words are rarely used when discussing treatment options for brain tumors and central nervous system conditions. However, these terms perfectly describe the Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™. The Gamma Knife Icon is the world’s most precise and noninvasive treatment device and it can now be accessed by […]

LIVING with Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Kimberly Hathorn’s cancer experience has endured for nine years, but she continues to persevere and live life on her own terms. Originally diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 2007, Kimberly was in remission until 2011. At that time, her cancer began metastasizing to various parts of her body, including her brain. “It’s always scary […]