Rolling By: A Rare Sight with an Important Message

You may soon see something a little unusual rolling around town: a bright pink concrete mixer truck!

From volleyball games to pink bra Harley Davidson bike rides, people get creative when it comes to raising awareness and funds for the Cancer Center’s annual Geaux Pink campaign. And this year, Quality Concrete Group (QCG) wanted to make a contribution, but they also endeavored to make a big statement, so the company’s employees brainstormed and came up with the idea to transform one its mixer trucks into a rolling billboard for breast cancer awareness.

And behind the wheel of the truck you’ll see its proud driver, Martha Thomas, a QCG employee. Martha is excited to drive the concrete mixer around Baton Rouge, which she’s certain will generate a buzz about breast cancer wherever her job takes her. She said that people who have seen pictures of the truck on social media have already reached out to her and expressed their gratitude for QCG’s willingness to use a company vehicle as a way to fight the disease.

Martha is a strong advocate for early detection, having both of her parents diagnosed with cancer.

“I encourage women to get annual breast cancer screenings and to let their doctor know if they feel anything unusual. I know from my family’s experience with cancer that the earlier you catch it —regardless of the type of cancer—the better the chances are for a cure.”

In addition to the awareness created by the pink truck, QCG owners Mike Price and Jeff Poche, are making a generous donation to the Geaux Pink campaign on behalf of their company. The two men also encourage other individuals, schools, businesses and sports teams to join in the fight against cancer during October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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