Corporate Giving

Corporate Champions

For 50 years, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has worked tirelessly on behalf of our patients and their loved ones to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer. Our fundamental commitment is to advance cancer care in our community, prioritize patient experience at every interaction and concentrate solely on cancer to ensure the best possible outcomes. Many of our patients face barriers to treatment, and with the generous philanthropic support of individuals, companies and partners throughout the region, we are able to surround patients with the resources needed to triumph over cancer. 

Through a corporate partnership between your company and the Cancer Center, we will make a transformational difference on the health of our community, together. This meaningful partnership will complement your business by standing side by side with one of the most well-respected non-profit organizations in our community, promoting goodwill and changing lives right here at home and throughout Louisiana.

The fight against cancer is a shared endeavor that only works when a community comes together – friends and neighbors partnering to expand possibilities. For more information on corporate partnerships, contact Danielle Mack at or (225) 215-1248.

Partners in Prevention: Learn more about the impact of support from GMFS Mortgage, Mary Bird Perkins’ first and longstanding corporate partner.

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Corporate Philanthropy

Whether you want to magnify your brand, engage employees or connect with potential new clients, partnering with the Cancer Center helps you achieve your business goals while having an impact on the future of cancer care.

Performance Contractors

Performance Contractors

Workplace Giving

We encourage companies of all sizes to join our growing community of supporters. In addition to being an easy and efficient way for employees to make a tax-deductible donation, it’s also a way to bring employees together around a common cause championed by your company.

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Cause Marketing

Partnering with the Cancer Center on a cause marketing campaign empowers you and your community to make a direct impact on the lives of cancer patients and their families. Our team can help you create a standout campaign that engages your customers and employees and inspires them to propel the fight against cancer forward.

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Prevention on the Go

As a key component to our most successful corporate partnerships, Prevention on the Go is a meaningful way to show your organization’s commitment to your team’s health and well-being. With an investment in this life-saving program, your organization is investing in its most valuable asset: your employees. To learn more about how we can bring cancer prevention and education to your team, please contact us at

In-Kind Giving

In-kind giving offers a way to give back by leveraging your company’s strengths and assets. Donations of products, goods or services can help make a meaningful difference on advancing our mission. To learn more about our in-kind gift acceptance policy, please contact Danielle Mack at or (225) 215-1248.

Thank You to our Corporate Champions for Your Generous Support!

Corporate Champions are companies that demonstrate a commitment to furthering the mission of the Cancer Center with annual gifts totaling $25,000 or more while championing the cause through employee engagement, event support and more!