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Our Team

Our Team

Why do so many people turn to Mary Bird Perkins? It’s because we have some of the best cancer minds in the country, spending every moment taking cancer care to the next level. Our team includes clinicians, physicians and hospital and university partners collaborating to deliver stellar cancer care. Our patients tell us that there’s no other team they’d trust with their care, and we are honored to be there for them.

Board of Directors

Directors Emeriti

Chairman Emeritus
J. H. Campbell, Jr.
W. Patton Culbertson, Jr., PH.D.
Robert S. Greer, Jr.
D. Jensen Holliday*
Richard A. Lipsey
Tom J. Meek, Jr., M.D.
M. J. Rathbone, Jr., M.D.*

Secretary/Treasurer Emeritus
Anna B. Lipsey*

Medical Director Emeritus
James E. Hancock, M.D.*
Gregory C. Henkelmann, M.D.
Sheldon A. Johnson, M.D

Wallace F. Armstrong*
John W. Barton, Sr.*
Mark P. Bensabat
Lee Michael Berg
Terence Beven, M.D.
Frederic T. Billings III, M.D.
Richard C. Boyer, M.D.
Lynnwood J. Brassett, M.D.*
L. Heidel Brown *
Redfield E. Bryan, Jr., M.D.
D. V. Cacioppo, M.D. *
Dudley W. Coates *
Beth Courtney
Louis D. Curet*
Mortimer F. Currier, M.D.
Teri G. Fontenot
Brett P. Furr
Charles C. Garvey*
G. Lee Griffin
R. Bryan Griffith, Jr., M.D.
Merrill O. Hines, Jr., M.D.
Rose Hudson
Henry W. Jolly, Jr., M.D. *
J. Gerard Jolly
David Kahn, M.D. *
Maurice C. King, Jr., M.D.
Preston V. Kors *
Susan H. Lipsey
Michael H. Martin
Lillian Maurin
Frank D. McArthur II
Sancy McCool *
C. Brent McCoy
Hillar C. Moore, Jr.*
Hermann Moyse, Jr. *
Julius H. Mullins, Sr., M.D. *
John W. Munson, D.D.S. *
Don H. Neufeld*
G.T. Owen, Jr. *
G.T. Owen III *
Roy A. Parker, PH.D.
Thomas Ramsey, M.D.*
Kevin P. Reilly, Jr.
Harry D. Richardson *
Eula W. Palmer Rogers, M.D. *
Donna M. Saurage
Gary A. Sligar
Robert M. Stuart, Sr.
Troye A. Svendson
O. M. Thompson, Jr., M.D.
Paul R. Thompson
Roland M. Toups
J. Ralph Vannoy, M.D. *
D. Randolph Waesche
Maurice J. Wilson, M.D. *
Allie Woolfolk, M.D. *

President and CEO

Todd Stevens

Todd D. Stevens President and CEO Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
Todd D. Stevens, President and CEO Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
It was not so long ago in 1971 when grim statistics fueled the United States declaring the “War on Cancer.” Today paints a different picture. Cancer mortality rates have decreased 20 percent. People are living longer and beating the disease, and survivorship is expected to rise by 30 percent within the next several years. Advancements in treatment have been remarkable. At Mary Bird Perkins, we are actively helping make this progress possible through our leadership, research and care delivery. Together, with likeminded partners, we are pushing forward in the fight against cancer. The Cancer Center and its hospital partners provide innovative treatments and unparalleled collaborative cancer services. This includes our nationally-recognized efforts in cancer prevention and disease site-specific multidisciplinary care teams. Also, along with LSU Health Sciences Centers in New Orleans and Shreveport, Mary Bird Perkins was selected by the National Cancer Institutes to participate in a novel approach to clinical trial delivery. Through this culture of innovation, Mary Bird Perkins is attracting the best cancer minds in the country, from expert physicians and highly specialized scientists to forward-thinking leaders in supportive care and other disciplines. This translates into patients having access to the highest-quality cancer care in the communities where they live. That is what drives us: always putting the patient first.

Senior Management



Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center (MBPCC) and Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center (OLOL) have been accredited together since 1992 by The American College of Surgeons, which is the gold-standard for community-based cancer care. However, the National Cancer Institute’s competitive selection of the Cancer Center as a National Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP) site in 2007 quickly accelerated the partnership’s progress.

Together through NCCCP, MBPCC and OLOL and only 20 other facilities throughout the country helped develop a best practice model for community cancer care until the program’s completion in summer 2014. NCCCP collaboration helped the Cancer Center launch or enhance many of its programs, including survivorship services, early phase clinical trials, screenings for disparate populations and multidisciplinary cancer care teams that focus on colorectal, lung, skin and head and neck cancers.

In 2012, MBPCC and OLOL entered into an agreement signifying an even closer, integrated alliance in providing cancer care to the surrounding communities. Jointly branded as Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center, the two organizations are moving forward together as a destination cancer center for the Gulf South, offering robust inpatient and outpatient care, both comprehensive and innovative in scope.


Since 2017, Woman’s Hospital and Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center have partnered to increase access to cancer care for women battling breast and gynecologic (GYN) cancers. This collaboration blends the recognized expertise of each organization in caring for women with cancer to deliver the most advanced, coordinated care throughout Baton Rouge and region.

The partnership has increased access to physician specialists, offered additional treatment options and clinical trials and enhanced support and survivorship programs. In addition, physicians, nurses and other cancer care professionals have access to a wider array of resources to provide the most focused, individualized patient care plans.

In 2018, the Breast & GYN Cancer Pavilion was built, providing a physical location to offer a convenient, comprehensive array of Breast & GYN cancer services. The state-of-the-art facility is located on Woman’s Hospital’s campus and houses diagnostic services, outpatient surgery, infusion (chemotherapy), radiation therapy, clinical trials and physician offices.

Women from throughout the region are choosing the Breast & GYN Cancer Pavilion to receive the unique level of care offered by some of the foremost experts in the country.


In 2018, Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center partnered with Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary to provide enhanced care to Zachary-area patients in need of medical oncology services. Through this partnership, patients have access to expert medical oncology care, infusion therapy and other support resources. Because of this partnership, Zachary residents can seek cancer treatment closer to home, near their loved ones.

This Center strives to define new and innovative ways to enhance overall patient care coordination and outcomes to help improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer.


Cancer Services and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center (MBPCC) joined forces in an effort to provide support services to those impacted by cancer in Southeast Louisiana. For more than 60 years, the organization has worked closely with cancer patients during their treatment and recovery to ensure they maintain a healthy wellbeing, medical equipment, nutritional supplements and more. Cancer centers from throughout the region refer patients and their families to Cancer Services for critical support and assistance to patients and their families.

Cancer Services serves about 4,000 people per year, including children and their siblings impacted by cancer.


Mary Bird Perkins and Our Lady of the Lake Ascension (formerly St. Elizabeth Hospital) have partnered for years to provide high-quality cancer services in Ascension Parish. When the doors of this Cancer Center opened in early 2009, the breadth, scope and quality of services available to cancer patients in Ascension Parish were expanded. Today, the Cancer Center offers the most advanced cancer-fighting technology and vital on-site services including nutritional, social and survivorship services, early detection and outreach programs, as well as patient financial counseling.

This Center represents the forward-thinking, innovative efforts Our Lady of the Lake Ascension and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center to ensure advanced cancer care is available in local communities.


Since 1998, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has worked closely with St. Tammany Parish Hospital in Covington to provide cancer services to the Northshore community. In April 2012, the partnership took a significant step forward with the opening of the state-of-the-art Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at St. Tammany Parish Hospital.

The new comprehensive cancer facility, which opened in 2012, provides the full spectrum of cancer care, from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. The Center’s services include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, clinical research trials, patient navigation, free community screenings, education and more. These services are readily available to Northshore residents where it matters most – close to family and close to home.

Nationally accredited with commendation and recognized for excellence in cancer care by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at St. Tammany Parish Hospital offers cancer patients and families access to advanced technology and clinical expertise. The Center’s diagnostic and treatment technologies include the Elekta Infinity linear accelerator that allows for faster, more accurate treatments.

The Cancer Center occupies more than 20,000-square-feet and is located on the campus of STPH. Access is at street level for outpatients while hospital inpatients are transported for treatment via a sky bridge connecting the two facilities. Throughout the Center, the hospital’s Foundation Healing Arts Initiative has installed various pieces of art created by local artists to enhance the patient experience and healing process. One special tribute piece that hangs in the waiting room is dedicated in honor of Rufus Upton Lea and his wife Marianne Spetz Lea, both of whom received care at the Center.


In 2008, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center formed a partnership with the hospital and Cancer Care Specialists. Each party had one goal in mind: to offer residents of the Bayou Region a comprehensive cancer center, close to home.

Since then, Mary Bird Perkins TGMC Cancer Center has grown and evolved to meet the needs of the community, but its mission has remained the same: to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer.

This mission is especially important in Louisiana – a state that suffers from high cancer mortality rates due to lack of access to care, delayed diagnosis and other factors.

As a comprehensive cancer facility, Mary Bird Perkins TGMC Cancer Center provides the full continuum of cancer care – from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. The Center’s services include screening, mammography, education, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Clinical trials and patient navigators – nurses who guide patients through the treatment process – are available as well.

Mary Bird Perkins TGMC Cancer Center offers world-class diagnostic and treatment technology, including the Elekta Infinity linear accelerator. This leading-edge technology enable faster, more accurate treatments.

Mary Bird Perkins TGMC Cancer Center offers free cancer screenings, community education and support opportunities for cancer patients throughout the year. Residents of the Bayou Region can also get free cancer screenings though the Early Bird, a mobile medical clinic that helps bring early detection to the uninsured at times and locations that are convenient.

The new center – constructed by the McDonnel Group – is also the first building in the region and the first hospital in Louisiana to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification. And while these achievements are something to celebrate, the real focus of the new Mary Bird Perkins TGMC Cancer Center is the patient.