Leading Edge Prostate Cancer Care

Our strength is in providing the highest quality care and the best treatment options, unique to each patient. On the leading edge of cancer care, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Houma, a partnership with Terrebonne General Health System, is the only facility in the region to offer SpaceOAR, a minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment that offers both maximum comfort and effectiveness. This new technology is a game changer for prostate cancer patients.

SpaceOAR is a new gel that gives prostate cancer patients more rectal comfort during treatment. Traditionally, patients had a balloon inserted in the rectum for each individual treatment to protect vital organs during radiation and prevent sexual dysfunction afterwards. With the innovative SpaceOAR treatment, gel is inserted between the rectum and prostate once and functions similarly to the balloon to protecting organs more effectively. The one-time injection is active for the patient’s entire treatment period and then is absorbed and leaves the body in the patient’s urine months later.