Adaptive Radiation Therapy Program

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is set to revolutionize cancer treatment across the Gulf South by becoming one of the few sites in the United States and the only program in Louisiana to offer a breakthrough Adaptive MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Program. With this technology, radiation oncologists at the Cancer Center will be able to visualize a tumor and adjust radiation dosage in real time – taking personalized cancer care to the next level.

The $10 million-plus Adaptive Radiation Therapy (A.R.T.) fundraising initiative offers the community an investment opportunity to help bring this innovative treatment program to cancer patients throughout the area. Community philanthropy will secure the technology and expand the A.R.T. programmatic and research resources needed today and in the future. Ultimately, this program will strengthen Mary Bird Perkins’ reputation as the most advanced cancer treatment center in the Gulf South and will further propel the organization into the ranks of leading cancer programs across the nation.

Dr. Kovtun

"This is an absolute game changer for Mary Bird Perkins and the State of Louisiana. Our patients are going to have access to one of the world's most advanced technologies when it comes to cancer treatment. This new technology is going to save lives."

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Transforming Care

Incorporating Adaptive Radiation Therapy into current treatment options offers the potential to transform patient care and creates the opportunity to develop new clinical paradigms, improving outcomes, even for hard to treat cancers. Adaptive Radiation Therapy is particularly beneficial for the treatment of soft tissue tumors. It will be available to patients battling different tumor types in areas such as the prostate, head and neck, lung, abdomen, liver, rectum and pancreas.

Personalized Approach

Real-time adaptive therapy delivered with real-time tumor visualization.
There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to prepare for a patient’s radiation treatment. Every patient is unique—each patient has unique treatment needs. Being able to adapt the treatment based on the needs of the patient is essential to achieving the best possible outcomes. The technology transforms the conventional radiotherapy workflow to a SCAN-PLAN-ADAPT approach—to truly enable personalized radiotherapy for every patient, every time.

Adaptive Radiation Therapy Scan


Daily patient MRI scan detects day-to-day changes in patient anatomy

Radiation Therapy and Dr. Wood


Fast real-time adaptive capabilities help re-optimize the treatment plan and replan to account for interfraction changes

Adaptive Radiation Therapy doctor and patient


The radiation is delivered with continuous target visualization throughout treatment

Advancing the Mission

Mary Bird Perkins is able to initiate an Adaptive MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy Program due to the Cancer Center’s legacy of expertise in radiation oncology, renowned physicians and its nationally recognized medical physics program, a partnership with Louisiana State University, and longstanding support from the communities we serve. This program gives the organization the ability to attract and recruit some of the most experienced and gifted oncologists from across the country. Mary Bird Perkins’ ongoing growth and development in an ever-changing healthcare industry shows its strength and resolve to remain focused in the fight against cancer.

The Future of Cancer Care BEGINS WITH YOU

Moving the Needle in Cancer Care
The $10 million Adaptive Radiation Therapy (A.R.T.) fundraising initiative will be funded by an investment from Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and community philanthropy. The funding from Mary Bird Perkins is dedicated to the capital investment needed to enhance the facilities and clinical resources. Your gift will help secure the technology and expand the Adaptive MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy programmatic and research resources needed today and in the future. By supporting the A.R.T. fundraising initiative, you will be a part of a leading group of individuals transforming cancer care in Louisiana — further propelling the organization into the ranks of leading facilities across the nation.

Innovation Matching Fund
A special opportunity to amplify your commitment is available through matching funds for gifts of $25,000 and above. Gift terms include multi-year options up to five years. A special acknowledgment for donors who contribute to this initiative will be displayed near the adaptive radiation treatment room.

For more information about supporting this initiative, contact
Mellie Bailey at (225) 215-1158 or