Celebrating 50 Years of Improving Survivorship and Lessening the Burden of Cancer

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has served the needs of patients throughout the Gulf South region for more than 50 years. Thanks to generous community support, we provide leading-edge treatment and innovative technology ensuring that patients receive expert cancer care.

Mary Bird Perkins’ legacy began by a few community leaders who were personally impacted by cancer. They understood that a cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event and that effective treatment would require a singular focus, and they were committed to making a change.

In the 50 years since they made that promise, their vision for a dedicated center solely focused on advancing cancer care is a reality. Throughout southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi, you will find Mary Bird Perkins radiation facilities and comprehensive cancer centers made possible through valuable hospital partnerships providing leading-edge cancer care and support to thousands of patients and their families every year. You will also find transformative community and workplace education and prevention programs helping to create healthier communities and a robust academic partnership with LSU leading to innovative and world-renowned research into the treatment of cancer.

However, we always want to do more. Our mission continues, and advancements in cancer care happen at an incredibly rapid pace and we have the team and resources in place to maintain this progress. Our legacy propels us forward in helping patients and their families triumph over cancer.

A Singular Vision for Cancer Care

When our founders envisioned creating a modern center for cancer care, linear accelerators, a mainstay of cancer treatment still today, didn’t even exist. But despite this, these forward-thinking individuals recognized the need for expert cancer care right here in Baton Rouge. So, when Mary Bird Perkins opened, its leaders positioned it for future growth—one that would continue to amass the resources and capabilities to keep up with the rapid advances in cancer care and bring the newest interventions and innovative technologies to those we serve.

This dedication to cancer care ensures  physicians, nurses, and other key healthcare providers, who trained at some of the finest cancer institutions in the country, could build a career right here in Louisiana by aligning with Mary Bird Perkins. As a result, Louisiana has benefited from decades of unparalleled cancer professionals specializing in cancer education, treatment and research who chose our organization to provide the very best in cancer care to patients every day.

Leading the Way into the Future of Cancer Care

The critical work Mary Bird Perkins has done for the past 50 years has set the stage for the future of cancer care.

Our knowledge and understanding of the disease has accelerated every area in oncology exponentially in the past 20 years, as technological advances, therapeutics and other interventions have emerged.

Mary Bird Perkins truly is unique. Many healthcare organizations offer cancer care as a part of their overall mission, whereas, treating cancer patients is our 100% focus. We remain completely committed to providing leading-edge care, advocating for our patients’ needs and focusing on prevention and education to help reduce the number of people impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

Our legacy remains firmly rooted in our mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer.

I thank our founders, physicians, team members, board members, supporters and so many others who have helped us expand our mission to nine locations today. I also want to recognize Our Lady of the Lake, Woman’s Hospital and Terrebonne General Health System, our longtime partners and collaborators. 

Through the continued support of our community and the strength of our team members, physicians and board leadership, together, we will triumph over cancer.

Todd Stevens Headshot

Todd Stevens
President & CEO, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

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