Diagnostic Imaging

We provide a full arsenal of diagnostic imaging equipment used in the fight against cancer. Diagnostic imaging equipment includes:

  • GE Discovery 600 PET /CT – Provides diagnostic testing, development and treatment plans. Features Cone Beam CT for more accurate and precise scans.
  • GE Signa HDXT 3.0T high-performance MRI system – This high definition MRI system delivers more definitive diagnostic exams and is enhanced with anatomy-specific components that take
    accuracy and certainty to a new level. American College of Radiology accredited.
  • GE LightSpeed VCT (Volume CT) 64 Slice Cat Scan – This scanner is the latest innovation in CT technology. It has the ability to deliver wide anatomical coverage and high resolution, simultaneously, allowing clinicians to capture whole organs in seconds. American College of Radiology accredited.