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Baton Rouge Investor Collective

Investor Collective logoThe Investor Collective brings together a progressive network of individuals devoted to enhancing and furthering the mission of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. Every member is a vital part of this unique collective dedicated to the education of its peers, disease prevention, and support of programs that eliminate barriers to care for patients and their families. A tax-deductible $1,000 annual commitment provides members with:
  1. A vote in how the collective funds will support the Cancer Center’s mission
  2. Direct access with personalized support and navigation should you ever need advice about how to prevent, detect, or treat cancer
  3. Access to Prevention on the Go, the Cancer Center’s program that brings education and cancer screenings to the workplace
  4. Invitations to Pro Series events that offer educational opportunities on health-related topics
  5. Annual gatherings to unite members to enjoy fellowship and understand the progress the Investor Collective is making possible for our community

Thank you for your commitment to the Investor Collective.
We are here for you, should you ever need us.

Pro Series Upcoming Events

  1.  Annual Event – Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Investor Collective has thoughtfully voted to support the following programs this year. We look forward to sharing the impact of your gift in the near future!

Patient Compassion Fund – Financial distress is a well-documented consequence of a cancer diagnosis, encompassing debt, hardship, bankruptcy, financial worry and treatment adherence. Your support will provide resources to kick off this new program to reduce the financial burden many cancer patients face, while also helping to expand and enhance our patient financial navigation program. This will improve patient understanding of health insurance benefits and out-of-pocket costs as well as provide financial assistance to patients in need. Cancer is difficult by itself to navigate without added financial burdens. The Patient Compassion Fund will provide that grace we all need in time of need. 

Cancer Services – In our community, there is a tremendous need for support beyond treatment. Your support of Cancer Services enables us to help adults, children and families through the emotional, financial and physical burdens of cancer – always free of charge. From wheelchairs and prostheses to counseling and support groups, Cancer Services fills these needs in a way that no other organization can.

Genetics Program

Genetics Program – This program provides genetic counseling and testing for individuals that have a high risk of hereditary cancer. Philanthropy will support the team members managing and delivering the program. Additionally, there are tests that are not covered by insurance for patients and their family members that would be an out-of-pocket expense. This program will help cover those expenses.

The IC has thoughtfully invested in many programs over the years, including:

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