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Baton Rouge Investor Collective

Investor Collective

The Investor Collective (IC) brings together a progressive network of individuals devoted to enhancing and furthering the mission of the Cancer Center. This like-minded men’s group leverages their collective interests to advance cancer care in our community.

Together, IC members make a larger impact by choosing Cancer Center programs to fund over the course of the year. It’s time to vote on how we will designate the funds for 2021. See the categories and link to vote below. 

Tumor Registry
Tumor registry team uses the power of data to help physicians and other leaders make decisions that will benefit patients as a whole and create procedures for addressing the most complicated and rare diseases. They analyze information related to patient care, including complete medical history, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship to identify trends. 

Clinical Research
Research is key to the future of cancer care. Clinical trials enhance standard cancer treatments, resulting in improved patient outcomes and survival rates. Every patient at Mary Bird Perkins is evaluated for participation in a clinical trial. Those who meet the criteria to participate in clinical research receive a standard of care treatment, but with the added benefit of a trial that may enhance their outcomes.

Mary Bird Perkins is committed to providing the highest standard of care and offering our patients the most up-to-date, leading edge treatment technology in the nation. Many innovative practices that have improved radiation-based imaging and treatment technology are a result of collaboration between the Center’s physicians and medical physicists. These scientists are finding new ways to use technology to enhance patient care.

COVID-19 Updates

Pro Series Announcements

On Tuesday, January 12, Dr. Curtis Chastain did a presentation on a New Year, New You Approach to 2021 – Healthy Tips and Recommendations for Men to Start Your Year Off Right. In case you missed it, we’ve provided a recording of the webinar for your convenience.

On Tuesday, October 13, Dr. Gerald J. Calegan, II, M.D., a Neurologist and Movement Disorder Specialist at NeuroMedical Center, presented to the IC on what he calls “the three pillars of health: diet/nutrition, exercise and sleep” in order to unlock the natural healing powers of the human body and their correlation to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Click here for a recap of his recommended resources, books, tools and more.

Member Testimonial

Investor Collective member Michael Hackett shared his story about his diagnosis of colorectal cancer at a recent Pro Series event. Watch Michael’s inspiring personal testimony about his cancer journey below.

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