Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and OneOncology Partner to Strengthen Community Cancer Care in the Gulf South

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, a leading Gulf South cancer care provider for 50 years, and OneOncology, the national platform for independent oncology practices, today announced the organizations have signed a letter of intent to become partners with an agreement set to be signed this fall. Once in place, this partnership will expand access to resources for cancer patients unlike any other approach in the region.

Mary Bird Perkins is an independent, community-owned nonprofit organization serving patients throughout southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi. The Cancer Center, with its unparalleled track record of providing high-quality care, national leadership in clinical research, dedication to prevention and early detection and value-based relationships, aligns with OneOncology’s focus on enhancing community-based cancer care. OneOncology brings to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center resources, access to a broad network of physicians across the country, information technology assets and national buying power. The OneOncology and Cancer Center’s partnership is anticipated to fuel program growth, reduce costs for patients and expand access to clinical trials. 

“This is an exciting time for Mary Bird Perkins and the board is in support,” said Art Favre, board chairman, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. “OneOncology lines up with our founding principles established 50 years ago to focus exclusively on advancing cancer outcomes.”                                                                           

“Partnering with OneOncology is yet another milestone for Mary Bird Perkins as we recognize our 50 years of community-based cancer care,” said Todd Stevens, president and chief executive officer, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. “It’s a strategic move for the organization that supports our continued philosophy of focusing 100% on cancer. OneOncology and Mary Bird Perkins believe that focusing solely on the needs of individuals impacted by cancer by elevating doctor-patient relationships and bolstering technology, medicine and other key initiatives are critical in keeping pace with the rapid innovations in the field. We want to empower and involve physicians throughout the decision-making process because it leads to better outcomes.”

Joining Mary Bird Perkins in partnership with OneOncology are the largest radiation and medical oncology groups across the state that have worked with the Cancer Center for decades. Those practices are Southeastern Louisiana Radiation Oncology Group, which provides radiation therapy throughout Mary Bird Perkins’ service areas and Northshore Oncology Associates, serving St. Tammany and Washington Parishes, specifically the communities of Covington and Slidell. In late 2021 or early 2022, Louisiana Hematology Oncology Associates, which services the Greater Baton Rouge area, is expected to join the partnership.

 “As oncologists, we look forward to the advances OneOncology will bring to the table. The company will also aid us in driving the future of cancer care delivery through a patient-centric, physician-driven and technology-powered model to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer,” said Charles Wood, MD, medical director, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center.

OneOncology has operationalized its approach to improve lives of everyone living with cancer, including:

  • Physicians driving change and collaborating throughout its network
  • Bringing the brightest minds in oncology together
  • Powering an analytics platform that leverages clinical data to enhance operations and patient health outcomes

“We’ve been tracking Mary Bird Perkins’ progress for several years and its focus on putting the doctor-patient relationship at the forefront of decision-making and innovation is parallel with our culture,” said Jeffrey Patton, MD, chief executive officer, OneOncology. “Keeping cancer care as patient focused as possible and putting resources in physicians’ hands is perfectly aligned with our approach and mission. Cancer is a complex disease that requires complete focus. We have already identified a number of ways we can assist in amplifying Mary Bird Perkins’ expertise.”

Through the remainder of the calendar year, the Cancer Center and OneOncology will finalize plans and identify opportunities to optimize the partnership, which is effective this fall.

About Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is a regional cancer care organization that has been fighting cancer for 50 years. The cancer care organization provides care at nine centers in Baton Rouge, Covington, Hammond, Houma, Gonzales, Zachary and Natchez, Mississippi, and its service area encompasses southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi regions. For more information, please visit

About OneOncology
OneOncology is the national platform for independent community oncology practices working together to improve the lives of everyone living with cancer through a physician-led, data-driven and patient-centric model. OneOncology is comprised of leading community oncology practices representing more than 600 providers practicing at more than 175 sites of care across the United States. To learn more, visit or LinkedIn.