An Easier Way to Ask Loved Ones for Help During Cancer Treatment

Early in cancer treatment, you may feel like you have to keep handling all your daily responsibilities alone—mow the yard, run kids to and from sports, keep up the house—on top of managing treatment.

We understand that asking for help is hard. You don’t want to bother anyone, and sometimes it’s tough to figure out the best way an eager friend or relative can contribute when they ask, “How can I help?”

The fact is, can be stressful and exhausting for even the busiest go-getter. At some point, you’re going to need to ask for—and accept—help from loved ones or neighbors so you can focus on treatment.

Like your loved ones, we want to make your life easier during cancer treatment. So, we created Helping Hands—a free, online registry of daily living tasks you can create and share with your inner circle.

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How Does the Helping Hands Registry Work?

Helping Hands is a free online service that lets our cancer patients’ circle of family and friends conveniently help with non-medical needs.

It only takes a few minutes to get started:

  1. Set up a new profile.
  2. Add a list of tasks you need help with, which will display in a calendar format.
  3. Sends invitations through the registry to your “supporters”: family and friends who want to help.
  4. List tasks you need help within key areas such as Personal Care, Meals, or Transportation. You can even make your own categories.

Once a supporter accepts the invitation, they’ll create an account to view your calendar and task list. Then, they can claim and assign themselves tasks to start helping right away. Sign up today!

What Tasks Can I Get Help With?

You can create a variety of essential, everyday tasks with Helping Hands. Daily activities might seem simple on the surface but can be tough to accomplish during cancer treatment. Examples of tasks you might want to make include:

  • Driving you to and from treatment
  • Mowing your lawn
  • Walking your dog
  • Getting groceries
  • Taking Johnny to soccer practice
  • Hanging out and watching movies

With Helping Hands, you can create tasks as they come to mind. You can even add or remove tasks based on your energy levels or changing needs over the course of your treatment.

The Helping Hands registry, powered by The Art Favre Family Award for Innovation, allows you to continue to manage your household without having to do everything yourself. Asking for help—and accepting it—can give you time to focus on healing.

Watch this Helping Hands Video

Learn how simple is it to sign up to offer a helping hand to your loved ones

Helping Hands registry is free of charge to all Mary Bird Perkins patients receiving cancer treatment. Asking for help is a good thing. We make it easier.