A Journey of Faith and Healing: The Story of Mr. Blaise Paul

Sometimes, in the midst of life’s routines and plans unexpected events happen that reshape our paths in profound ways. Such was the case for Mr. Blaise Paul, an engineer at Shell, whose journey from a healthy and active lifestyle to a cancer diagnosis led him to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, where faith, support and exceptional care guided him through a challenging chapter in his life.

Blaise’s story began with a decision to join the gym with his son, Vincent, a budding soccer enthusiast. “I was jogging, honestly in great shape,” Blaise recalled. However, an escalating series of concerning symptoms, including fatigue, night sweats and others, prompted a visit to his general physician. After completing a series of tests and a CT scan, it was revealed that Blaise had a cancerous mass on his left kidney.

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As he began navigating through this daunting diagnosis, he found himself under the care of Dr. Daniel LaVie at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Baton Rouge. During his first visit, Blaise said that Dr. LaVie’s professionalism and empathy stood out to him. “He impressed me so much by just doing whatever it took to get me straight, to get me on the path to healing” he said.

Dr. LaVie explained that Blaise’s treatment plan had an 80% – 90% success rate. Still, despite the promising outlook, Blaise’s engineer mind couldn’t ignore the remaining 10% – 20% chance of uncertainty. Leaning on his faith, he believed that the rest was in God’s hands.

Faith played a significant role throughout his treatment. “I’m a Christian. I believe my God had a lot to do with me still being here,” he said.

As time went on, ongoing support from teams across Mary Bird Perkins helped Blaise through his cancer journey. In the immediate aftermath of his diagnosis he had grown concerned about the physical and emotional impact on himself and his wife, Colleen, and two children, Ivy and Vincent. He was also worried about the financial implications of having to take off work for cancer treatment. However, he said he was quickly reassured by staff, who offered to guide him through the process, explaining everything in detail and answering all of his questions.

This support also helped him through several rounds of chemotherapy, as well as occasional moments of uncertainty that prompted late-night calls to the after-hours medical team. Each challenge, he said, was met with reassurance and guidance from the Mary Bird Perkins team, easing his fears and reinforcing his trust in these compassionate, expert professionals.

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Blaise fondly remembers the infusion nurses who not only delivered medical care but also exuded warmth and empathy, making each visit a reassuring experience.

Blaise’s journey was marked by challenges and triumphs and, after completing his last round of chemotherapy treatment in January, he is now in remission. He continues to visit Dr. LaVie for regular checkups.

In sharing his story, Blaise hopes to inspire others facing similar battles, saying that with faith, determination and the right support, it’s possible to overcome even the most daunting challenges. His journey is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of having a expert, supportive care team.