Offering a Helping Hand to Loved Ones During Treatment Made Easy

Cancer patients often find their family and friends wanting to help, but may have a difficult time thinking up things they need on the spur of the moment. Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is pleased to share a new and innovative way to provide support for loved ones.

The Helping Hands registry is an online service that lets cancer patients’ circle of friends and family members conveniently offer assistance with non-medical needs. Patients can set up their profile and invite their friends and family, also known as “supporters,” to view tasks that they need help with. When supporters accept their invite, they can create an account that lets them view the patient’s calendar with requested tasks.

The tasks available are essential every day activities, such as providing transportation to and from treatment, mowing the lawn, taking the dog for a walk and grocery shopping – all of which are important tasks individuals may have difficulty accomplishing as they receive cancer treatment.

Patients can easily create such items “to do”  on their calendar, which also allows supporters to view which tasks need to be done on specific dates and times. Supporters are then able to claim a task that they’d like to complete. In this way, the Helping Hands registry allows patients receiving cancer care to continue to manage their households, plan for their care and fulfill their day‐to‐day obligations.

The Helping Hands registry is made available due to a generous donation from Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Board Chair and Philanthropist, Art Favre, and is powered by the Art Favre Family Award for Innovation.

The Helping Hands registry is available to all patients receiving cancer care, free of cost. Patients can sign up at