Thank You, Rubicon, for 25 Years of Giving

Rubicon, LLC Raises ,000,000Since 1993, Rubicon and its employees have contributed to the local fight against cancer by making substantial and impactful investments in the Cancer Center’s mission in a number of ways, including directing funds through its golf tournament, workplace giving, volunteerism and annual support. “We’ve all been affected by cancer in one way or another, the fight against cancer is a shared endeavor that works best when a community comes together – friends and neighbors collaborating to expand possibilities,” said Mark Dearman, CEO, Rubicon LLC. “I encourage others to think about the impact we can have if we all come together and support the Cancer Center’s mission and help everyone affected by this disease.”

The Cancer Center team thanks Rubicon LLC for its commitment to our mission and we look forward to continued partnership for many years to come.