Propelling Cancer Care Forward

As Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center continues to propel cancer care forward, we want to share with you the progress we have made and our vision for the future. There is still much to do, but hope is on the horizon.

The rate of cancer deaths in the United States saw the sharpest decline on record from 2016 to 2017 as new treatments and technologies improved survival rates, according to the American Cancer Society. Louisiana’s statistics follow along these same trend lines, and we recognize that Mary Bird Perkins’ many contributions are part of this momentous achievement.

We know 2020 will be a wonderful year as we make great strides in prevention and early detection of the disease, advance our commitment to research and pursue every avenue to enhance patient care and scientific discovery.

Please watch a special video message below from CEO Todd Stevens recapping some of the Cancer Center’s 2019 milestone events and how this progress has set the stage for future success. Patients are our ultimate inspiration and hospital and academic partners, physicians, donors, volunteers and team members and many others make it all possible.

Our commitment to doing more for cancer patients has never been stronger. We look forward to continuing to help improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer in 2020, and in the years to come.