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Volunteers Offer a Unique Blend of Love, Kindness and Compassion

A calming touch, a kind word, a gentle smile—Cancer Center volunteers offer these comforts in a way no one else can. And the compassion and understanding our volunteers provide patients and families is invaluable. The Cancer Center is fortunate to have many exceptional people who so freely give of their time and talents to help our patients every day, and in so many ways.

Following are snapshots where some of our volunteers explain what motivates them to serve as Cancer Center volunteers…

Ellen Bunch, a registered nurse for 42 years, has been volunteering at the Cancer Center for more than two years. As an endometrial cancer survivor and healthcare provider, she offers personal insight as to patients’ need while in treatment and helps anticipate these things. She is a mighty advocate for volunteering and for making a difference in the community. In addition to her Cancer Center contributions, she also volunteers at the animal shelter. She believes helping others is a true honor and privilege.

TGMC Volunteer

“Everyone is fighting a battle of some sort. It’s important to look around and realize that others may be struggling with something and show them kindness.”


Loney Grabert has volunteered at the Cancer Center for the past two years. His wife, Patricia, passed away from cancer in 2009 at the age of 61, immediately creating a special bond between him and patients and families facing the disease, and volunteering allows him to form friendships with the people he serves.

TGMC Volunteer

“Everybody at the Cancer Center has a positive attitude, and they are dealing with a lot. I enjoy working with others, meeting new people and forming new friendships.”


Sylvia Masters has been volunteering at the Cancer Center for more than a year. She hopes to inspire and comfort patients by sharing the story of her father’s battle with cancer.

Sylvia Masters

“I volunteer because it’s my special way of giving back to the Cancer Center for everything they did for my dad and my family while he went through treatment.”


Volunteers play an important role in delivering the highest quality of care to our patients and allows the Cancer Center to continue to grow and provide more programs to those who need it most. If you are interested in getting involved, call (985) 850-6304 to learn more about becoming a volunteer.