Conquer Differently – Shirley Hurst’s story

“They decided to proceed with the surgery right away.”

After her two best friends died from lung cancer, Shirley Hurst scheduled a screening for herself. She had no symptoms but knew she was at higher risk due to years of smoking. She also knew a better outcome may be possible with early detection. “I thought, ‘maybe we can catch it early and do something about it,’” she recalled.

The staff at Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center made the painless screening process simple and convenient for Shirley.

After the screening, when she received a call to schedule a follow up just a few days later, Shirley knew something was wrong. She had already prepared herself for the possibility of a diagnosis but was unsure of how much the disease may have progressed. “My only fear was the severity of it,” she said.

There was a nodule on her lung that doctors decided to remove immediately to help prevent further spread. Because of the early detection, Shirley did not have to undergo radiation or chemotherapy.

The team at the Cancer Center ensured Shirley was prepared for surgery and recovery by providing a thorough explanation of the process. “The staff at Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center really care about you,” she said. “The entire team from the very beginning after the scan up until today. I just can’t say enough about them.”

Shirley is thankful she decided to take the first step in getting screened and appreciative the team at the Cancer Center moved so quickly on her treatment plan. “It’s a success story,” she said. “Because of the treatment I received. It was just amazing.”

Grateful that her problem was caught in time, Shirley now encourages others to get screened if they feel they may be at risk, even with no sign of symptoms. “It could save your life.” she said. “The early detection is absolutely critical.”

Today, Shirley continues her regular activities, enjoying crafts and spending time with her grandchildren.

We Don’t Just Treat Cancer. We Treat Shirley.