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The Echo Alliance

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Many Voices. One Goal

Created by Women • Led by Women • For Women

As drivers of change and innovation, decision makers, communicators and leaders, women know firsthand how to make a meaningful impact.

When women come together, our voices are amplified and our impact is multiplied. The Echo Alliance is a collaborative group of women – with a passion for making a difference – dedicated to supporting those affected by cancer.

The Echo Alliance participants are asked to make an annual $1,000 ($83/month) tax-deductible, targeted donation to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center.

Echo Alliance participants have a say in how donations make a meaningful impact at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. When funding decisions are made, all current Echo Alliance participants have the chance to vote on the allocation of funds.

The voices have spoken in 2022! The inaugural Echo Alliance funding will bring next generation technology to Baton Rouge and help transform how women with gynecological cancers are treated. Learn more about this initiative.

The inaugural project funding is for 2022 and participants will regroup in early 2023 to review options for the next project.

The Echo Alliance Opportunities:

  • Opportunity to make a targeted, specialized philanthropic impact at the Cancer Center
  • Exclusive invitations to networking, educational and health events 
  • Personal and professional growth opportunities among a group of empowered women in the Capital City area
  • Plus more…
Updated November 4, 2022
Jamie Allen Kim Ginn Melissa O’Banion
Kelly Anderson Katie Goodson Jessica O’Connor
Stephanie Anderson Songy Alecia Grantham Cindy O’Neal
Laurie Aronson Jessica Guinn Johnson Gail O’Quin
Jessica Ashford Janice Guitreau Lucye O’Quin
Tammy Asmus Angela Hammett Jaimee Pangburn
Jena Aucoin Jolene Hardy Jenni Peters
Mellie Bailey Vickie Harris Cynthia Peterson, PhD
Dorsey Bellanger Rebecca Harrod Stephanie Possa
Tasha Bergeron Rachel Helmke Erin Pou
Constance Blunt, MD Chanler Holden Mittendorf Margaret Price
Devin Bonner Celeste Hollis Blair Purgerson
Connie Boudreaux Silva Marielle Howard Gunjan Raina, MD
Ashley Bourgeois Margueritte Hutchinson Keshia Rambo
Jenee’ Bourgeois Shannon Hyde Leslie Ricard
Kirsten Bowers Raby Lisa Jain Rebecca Robinson
Mindy Bowie, MD Christine Keenan Monica Rogers
Kellie Bozeman Andi Kirkpatrick Jill Roshto
Karen Breaux Saundra Lane Amanda Rothrock
Beverly Brooks Thompson, PhD Barbara Lasseigne Catherine Saurage
Mary Broussard Katherine LaVie, MD Donna Saurage
Maddie Brown Amber Leach Laurie Saurage
Darlene Budgewater Kynley Lemoine Susan Saurage-Altenloh
Anita Byrne Patricia Lemoine Jennifer Saurage-Moreland
Rachel Cannon Stacy Levy Diamond Sherrod, J.D.
Holly Carruth Kimberly Lewis Mandy Shipp
Kate Castle, MD Joy Lindsey Coery Shircliff
Vanessa Caston LaFleur Susan Lipsey Dana Simmons
Rachel Cattelino Wendy Lipsey Mimi Singer Lee, PhD
Lauren Coco Kathryn Loveless Chelsea Smith
Bridgette Coleman Rhonda Loy Grace Smith
Jodi Conachen Danielle Mack Sarah Smith
Madeleine Conger Corrie Mackey Amanda Spain
Melanie Couvillon Sandhya Mani, MD Shelia Sterling
Cecilia Cuntz, MD Laurie Marien Deborah Sternberg
Savannah Davenport Yvette Marsh Carter Stone
DeEtte DeArmond Debra Martin Megan Sykes
Pamela Delatorre Taylor Martin Robin Tassin-Liggett
Susan Dickerson Susan Maxwell Angelle Terry
Tiffany Dickerson Lauren Michaud Knotts Melissa Thompson, PhD
Heidi Diecedue Cheryl Michelet Jessica Trepagnier
Cynthia Douglas Cyndi Miller Katie Varnado
Renea Duffin Mary Miller Miller Padma Vatsavi
Chrissy Dupuy Lauren Mongrue Tamiara Wade, PhD
Morgan Dupuy Tiffany Moore Audrey Wascome
Barbara Anne Eaton Judy Moore Vendetto Meagan West
Meredith Eicher Renee Morris Sara Whittaker
Tiffany Ellis Ashley Munn Ann Wilkinson
Nicole Fawley Rebecca Nelson Elizabeth Willson
Sheridan Faye Dana Neucere Stafford Wood
Melissa Folse Oubre
Shannon Forman
Heather Gautreau
Ghenet (GG) Ghebretatios
Kim Gilly
Angela Hammett

"As sister, mothers, wives, daughters, friends and neighbors, women are dynamic, powerful and compassionate by nature. Together, we can help improve the lives of those living with cancer in Baton Rouge. As the director of patient navigation, I have a first-hand look at the needs of our community of patients. By joining The Echo Alliance, I’m uniting with women of all ages and backgrounds to make a philanthropic impact in the community that has done so much for me."

Angela Hammett, Founding Member

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