Northshore Investor Collective

Thank you for your commitment to the Investor Collective.
We are here for you, should you ever need us.

A Collective Impact

The Investor Collective (IC) brings together a progressive networkInvestor Collective logo of individuals devoted to enhancing and furthering the mission of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. This like-minded men’s group leverages their collective interests to advance cancer care in our community.

Together, IC members make a larger impact by choosing Cancer Center programs to fund over the course of the year. With a $1,000 annual commitment, members of the IC are able to make a profound impact on the lives of patients and families receiving care from the Cancer Center. Additionally, members are invited to take part in networking activities and educational seminars focused on relevant and timely topics in healthcare and beyond.

The IC supports Cancer Center programs focused on removing barriers to care and helping adults, children and families on the Northshore navigate the emotional, financial and physical burdens of cancer, providing resources such as:

  • Transportation Assistance
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Medical Supplies
  • Support Services
  • Food Security
Courtney and Dr. Henkelmann

“The Cancer Center provided me with so many resources, which was just so helpful in my time of going through treatments. Their support really brought me back to reality and made me more conscious of taking care of myself.”

Courtney, breast cancer survivor

Pro Series Announcement

Jonas Fontenot, Ph.D., Chief Operation Officer and Chief of Physics at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center discussed Healthcare and Innovation: The Future of Precision Medicine.

Dr. Larry Gensler with Northlake Gastroenterology Associates presented on colon cancer screening options in 2022 and ways to reduce your risk.

Dr. Brian Galofaro spoke about the “Five Things Every Male Should Know to Stay Healthy”. 

Dr. Kevin Darr spoke about some of the most common orthopedic injuries that affect adult men, how to prevent them and how innovative treatment methods such as Cell Therapy can help achieve optimal orthopedic function and performance.

Dr. Jack Saux did a presentation on “Pirating Oncology” and discussed which lifestyle choices make an impact in cancer prevention and how to proactively navigate your health in the new year. In case you missed it, we’ve provided a recording of the webinar for your convenience.

Connect and Make an Impact

The IC unites a dedicated group comprised of company owners, c-suite individuals, directors, vice presidents, physicians and more through the collaboration of philanthropy. With an invested role in our community, each member provides a unique perspective that will allow the Cancer Center continue to propel cancer care forward on the Northshore. As a member of the Investor Collective, you will be provided with:

  1. A Vote in how the collective funds will support the Cancer Center’s mission
  2. Educational forums and information on health-related topics important to men
  3. Direct access with personalized support and navigation should you ever need advice about how to prevent, detect, or treat cancer
  4. Access to the Cancer Center’s Prevention on the Go programs bringing education about cancer and screenings to the workplace
  5. Annual gatherings to learn about the progress the Investor Collective funding is making possible in our community