Our Donors

This distinguished group of individual and corporate members share Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center’s mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer by providing critical funding to advance cancer care.



Lisa and Tom Adamek
Drs. Lauren and Louis Barfield
Annette D. Barton
Amy and Robert Benton
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic T. Billings III
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Bowlin
Melanie and John Boyce
Ethan J. Bush
Camille F. Coates
Catherine H. Coates
Margaret H. Coates
Beverly and Dudley Coates
Louis D. Curet
Leonard Boyd Delaune*
Susan Dickerson
Renea and Morise Duffin
Mr. Art E. Favre
Renee and Brett Furr
Katie and James Gibbons
Devera and Jerry Goss
Alíce and Bob Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Griffin
Teresa Daigle Guidry
Janice and J. W. “Billy” Guitreau
Chad Guzzardo
John Paul “JP” Guzzardo
Megan and Scott Gwatney
Victoria and William E. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Haymon
Ava and Cordell Haymon
Rose J. Hudson
Dr. Barrett Johnston
Donna and J. Gerard Jolly
L. Perrie Lambert III*
Faye and Gerry* Lane
Lisa and Eric Lane
Saundra Lane
Mrs. Faye Lane
Linda Lee
Polly and Conville Lemoine
Susan and Richard Lipsey
Laurie Aronson Lipsey
Richard Lipsey
Wendy Lipsey
Lynda and Nat Maestri
Stephanie and Briggs Manson
Mr. and Mrs. B. Michael Mauldin
Kathy and Frank McArthur
Terri and Jim McIlwain
Anne and Tom Meek, Jr.
Milton J. Womack, Inc.
Shelley and Don Minor
Evelyn and Paul Nowacki
Cindy and Craig Nuckolls
Gail and Bill O’Quin
Cynthia and Edward Peterson
The Rathbone Family
Barbara Rathbone
Randee and Jack Rathbone IV
Michele and Richard Rathbone
Shawnee and Steve McCord
Amanda Rhea Rothrock
Elise and Jeff Routier
Allison and Blanchard Sanchez
Donna M. Saurage
Ellen C. Sessions
John F. Smith
Terrie and Edmund Sterling
Katie and Erich Sternberg
Kelli and Todd Stevens
Carter and Joey Stone
Dr. and Mrs. O. M. Thompson, Jr.
Mary and Paul R. Thompson
Kay and Roland Toups
Monica and Eric Waechter
Anne and David Winkler
Drs. Charles and Brooke Wood


Organizations, Corporations and Foundations

Albemarle Foundation
Ann Connelly Fine Art
Gerry Lane Enterprises
Launch Media
Lipsey’s, LLC
Moyse Family Foundation
Oncology Solutions, LLC
Partners of Hope
SGS Petroleum Service Corporation
Stantec Architecture, Inc.
Taylor Porter Attorneys at Law



Robelynn H. Abadie
Lisa and Tom Adamek
Mr. and Mrs. Jeb Andrews
Laurie Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barton, Jr.
Mr. John W. Barton, Sr. *
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bernhard, Jr.
Evelyn Campbell Beven *
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Bienvenu
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Billings III
Kim A. Boudreaux
Mrs. Jane Thibaut Boyce *
Melanie and John Boyce
John and Beth Brantley
Jack and Carolyn Breaux
Tom and Virginia Bromley
Renee Hebert Bryant *
Herbert H. Butt in Memory of Joan J. Butt
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Campbell, Jr.
The Ella Chance Family
Pat Cheramie
Beverly and Dudley Coates
Jess Willard Cockerham *
Charles Newsam Conner *
Violet T. Crum *
Jean Harvey and Louis D. Curet *
Mr. D. Cecil Delaune *
Ms. Elaine T. Delaune *
Leonard Boyd Delaune *
Hazel Ewing *
Isiah J. Ewing *
Mr. Art E. Favre
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Fields
Leon Ford IV and Helen Ford Dufreche
Dr. John F. and Donna D. Fraiche
The Raymond and Mary Gettier Fund *
Charlie V. Giambelluca *
Devera and Jerry Goss
John and Cynthia Graves
Todd and Gwen Graves
Alíce and Bob Greer
Isaac and Florence* Gregorie
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Lane Grigsby
David S. Hanson, MD and
Jolene K. Johnson, MD
Mrs. Cecile B. Harrell *
Jack and Becky Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Henkelmann
The D. Jensen Holliday Family Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Johnson
J. Gerard and Donna Jolly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jones
Esther Kent *
John Barker and Shirley Coppenex Killgore *
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Kurlas Family
L. Perrie Lambert III *
Mary Alicia and Bettye Lauret *
Marianne and R. Upton Lea, Jr. *
Susan and Richard Lipsey
Wendy Lipsey
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Lo
Don and Pat Lyle
Mrs. Paula Garvey Manship *
Frank and Kathy McArthur
Mrs. Sancy H. McCool *
Chuck and Ruth McCoy *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph* J. McKernan
Lady Katharine McLaurin *
Anne and Tom Meek, Jr.
Marguerite H. Mills *
The Mockler Family
Mr. Hillar C. Moore, Jr. *
Mr. Thomas J. Moran *
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Moser
Moyse Family Foundation
Rosalie Moyse *
Stephen R. Musso *
Earl E. Nelson
Ron and Corinne Helm Ness
Mrs. Eleanor P. Newman *
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Noland
Paul and Evelyn Nowacki
Craig and Cindy Nuckolls
Gail and Bill O’Quin
Dr. and Mrs. Judd Patten
Cherie and Bill Peters
Miss Emogene Pliner *
David C.* and Jeannie Price
Barbara Virginia Rathbone
Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Rathbone, Jr. *
The Rathbone Family Fund
Barbara Rathbone
Randee and Jack Rathbone IV
Michele and Richard Rathbone
Shawnee and Steve McCord
Michele and Richard Rathbone
The Sarah Madison Romero Endowment Fund
Allison and Blanchard Sanchez
Marjorie H. Sanders *
Mary Ella Sanders, MD
The Saurage Family
Donna M. Saurage
Charles Newton Schlatre, Sr.*
Elaine Kessler Schudmak *
Jerry* and Chuck Schwing
Ellen C. Sessions
Ms. Ruth C. Sessions
The Simmons Family Fund
Beverly Carson Smiley
Dr. Charles M. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Derrick Spell
Edward and Bernice Spiess
Kelli and Todd Stevens
Peter and Paige Stewart
Emily C. Stich
Dr. and Mrs. O. M. Thompson, Jr.
Paul R. and Mary H. Thompson
Felix and Lynn Weill
Ann Wilkinson
Drs. Charles and Brooke Wood
Anonymous – (10)

* Deceased

Named Endowed Funds

Named Endowed Funds are recognized with a minimum investment of $100,000 or more to the endowment.

Regional Oncology Library Fund
Richard A. Lipsey and Susan Haspel Lipsey Family Fund
The D. Jensen Holliday Family Fund
The Shirley C. and J. Barker Killgore Research Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Kurlas Family Fund
Virgina B. and John Noland Charitable Lead Unitrust
Marianne and R. Upton Lea, Jr. Memorial Fund
The Raymond and Mary Gettier Fund
T.J. Moran Fund
Dr. Robert Fields Patient Care Fund
Heart of a Hero Fund
Robins-O’Quin Endowed Family Fund
Renee Bryant Memorial Fund
The David C. and Jeannie Price Fund
Perrie Lambert Memorial Fund
Anne and Tom Meek Endowed Fund
The Favre Family Center for Innovation
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic T. Billings III Fund
Jean Harvey and Louis D. Curet Family Fund
The Sarah Madison Romero Endowment Fund
The Rathbone Family Fund
in Honor of Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Rathbone, Jr.
The Simmons Family Fund

$5,000 AND ABOVE


Mr. William Abington
Lisa and Tom Adamek
Laurie and Mark Aronson
Annette D. Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Baudoin
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic T. Billings III
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Bowlin
Melanie and John Boyce
Tee and Kate Brown
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Campbell, Jr.
Beverly and Dudley Coates
Mr. Art E. Favre
Devera and Jerry Goss
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Graves
Alíce and Bob Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Griffin
Mr. Davis Gueymard
J. W. “Billy” and Janice Guitreau
Ava and Cordell Haymon
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Henkelmann
J. Gerard and Donna Jolly
The Price LeBlanc Family
Linda Lee
Mr. and Mrs. W. Conville Lemoine
Mr. and Mrs. Nat A. Maestri, Jr.
Terri and Jim McIlwain
Anne and Tom Meek
Mr. Earl E. Nelson
J. W. Nixon
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Noland
Gail and Bill O’Quin
Mr. and Mrs. Hays Owen
Ms. Rose Pardue
Cherie and Bill Peters
Dr. Cynthia Peterson and Mr. Edward Peterson
The Phillips Family
Mary Olive Pierson
Mr. Ronald Joseph Price
Family of Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Rathbone, Jr.
Barbara Virginia Rathbone
Randee and Jack Rathbone IV
Michele and Richard Rathbone
Shawnee and Stephen McCord
Donna M. Saurage
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Saurage IV
Mr. Charles E. Schwing
Ellen C. Sessions
Mrs. Betty Jean Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Sterling
Kelli and Todd Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Joey S. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Newton B. Thomas
Paul R. and Mary H. Thompson
Kay and Roland Toups
Diane and Wynn White
David and Anne Winkler
Drs. Charles G. and Brooke Wood
Dr. Lauren Zatarain and Mr. Kevin A. Fontenot
Anonymous (1)

Organizations, Corporations and Foundations

Albemarle Foundation
Annuity Marketing Services, Inc.
Anthem Blue Cross
Associated Grocers, Inc.
B R & R Foundation
The John W. Barton Family Foundation
Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Baton Rouge Coca-Cola
Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation
Blue Ribbon Soiree, LLC
Brian Harris Audi
Brock Services, LLC
City of Baton Rouge – Parish of East Baton Rouge
Dutchtown High School
EATEL Business
Entergy Louisiana
ExxonMobil Baton Rouge
Franklin | Data Empowered Direct Mail
Florida Parishes Bank
Gene and Joan Slay Charitable Foundation
Genentech, Inc.
Gerry Lane Enterprises
Faye Lane
Lisa and Eric Lane
Saundra Lane
Gonzales Area Foundation
Heniff Transportation Systems, LLC
HydroChem, LLC
Dr. Barrett Johnston, Interventional Pain Institute LLC
Jeff Boss Memorial, LLC
Karnival Krewe de Louisiane
LSU Health Sciences Center
L’Auberge Casino Hotel Baton Rouge
Law Office of Steven J. Moore, LLC
Louisiana Hospital Association
Louisiana Lottery Corporation
Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction
Manda Fine Meats
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Foundation
Merrill Lynch
Mockler Beverage Company
Oncology Solutions, LLC
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
The Parks Family Foundation
Pfizer, Inc
Placid Refining Company LLC
The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts
Regions Bank
Republic Finance, LLC
Richards Honda
The Edward L. Rispone Family Foundation
Rubicon LLC
Ruth’s Chris Steak House
SGS Petroleum Service Corporation
St. Joseph’s Academy
Sanderson Farms
Southeast Louisiana Radiation Oncology Group
Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge
T. J. Ribs and Tio Javi’s
Taylor Porter Attorneys at Law
Therapy Management Corporation
Together Making Changes
Tomarlee Foundation
The Engquist Family
TraceSecurity, Inc.
Turner Industries Group, LLC
Wal-Mart / Sam’s Club Foundation
Wilbur Marvin Foundation
William Edwin Montan Charitable Trust
Anonymous (1)

$1,000 TO $4,999


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Adler
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Afeman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Alexander
Mr. Steven R. Alferi
Mr. Dane Andreeff
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bachman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Badeaux
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Bailey III
Dr. and Mrs. Brent Bankston
Drs. Lauren and Louis Barfield
Tim and Nan Barfield
Ms. Susan Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Denny Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Derek F. Benedetto
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Bennett
Mr. Taylor Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Barry O. Blumberg
Mr. Dennis Blunt
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Boone
Claude Bouchard and Monique Chagnon
Ms. Kim A. Boudreaux
Linda and Robert Bowsher
Mr. and Mrs. Brett N. Brinson
Mr. Chad Brossett
Mr. and Mrs. J. Terrell Brown, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Bruce
Mr. Paul Buchan
Robert L. and Jamie Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan E. Bush III
Ethan J. Bush
Mr. Herbert H. Butt
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Carney
Mr. Mike Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Carville
The Castle Family
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis C. Chastain
Mr. Charlie Colvin
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Conger
Marc and Jean Couvillion
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Trey Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. David Cresson
Julie and Chris Crifasi
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Daigle
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dantin
Mr. and Mrs. Tom D’Armond
Susan Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua K. Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Donohue
Morise and Renea Duffin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Durio
Mr. Will Eglin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Esnard
Mr. Bart and Dr. Natalie Evans
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Everett III
Brad and Becky Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Field
Mr. Sean Finan and Dr. Kelly Finan
Mr. Carter Fourrier
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn L. Frazer
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Fritsche
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Gaines
Cathie and Ed Galante
James and Katie Gibbons
Keith R. Gibson, MD
Mr. Lance Glaser
Mrs. Cynthia S. Gordon
Ty and Shawna Gose
Mr. Trenton A. Grand
Todd and Gwen Graves
Ms. Alysia N. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Les J. Griffon, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Luke V. Guarisco
Mr. and Mrs. Carey Guglielmo, Jr.
Drs. Kevin and Kathy Guidry
Teresa Daigle Guidry
Mr. John P. Guzzardo
Mr. Jon Gwatney
Mr. Scott Gwatney
William E. and Victoria Hall
David S. Hanson, M.D. and Jolene K. Johnson, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. C. Chambliss Harrod
Mr. Chris Haskew
Mr. Thomas G. Hessburg
Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hill
Ken and Janet Hogstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Holliday
Mrs. Estelle B. Holliday
Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Hollingsworth
Rose J. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hyde
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Imhoff
Mr. and Mrs. David M. James
Mr. and Mrs. D. Lee Jenkins
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Johnson
Bob and Bev Jones
Dr. Michael Juban
Anna and Jamie Jusselin
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Kaufman
Mr. Danny Keaton
Mr. Scott Keaty
Patience and James Keisler
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Keller, Sr.
Mrs. Ann Schudmak Keogh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kleinpeter
Mr. and Mrs. David Kneipp
Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair B. Kouns, Jr.
Charles and Carole Lamar
Mr. Justin Langlois
Mr. and Mrs. Burton LeBlanc
Mr. Chip Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Beau Leitner
Susan and Richard Lipsey
Mr. Brett Lofton
Dr. and Mrs. John Lopoo
Mr. and Mrs. Jon N. Loupe
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Love, Jr.
Mrs. Maia W. Luikart
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lusco
John and London Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Maestri
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny G. Mann
Anne and Paul Marks, Jr.
Mr. Ben Marmande
Mr. and Mrs. B. Michael Mauldin
Mr. Greg Maxey
Mr. and Mrs. William Maxwell
Frank and Kathy McArthur
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan S. McClendon
Mr. Stephen McCollister
Mr. and Mrs. John M. McKay
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon McKernan
Mr. and Mrs. Grif McKowen
Lee and Phyllis McLaurin
Mr. Bowen McRae
Mr. Frank W. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. G. Rolfe Miller
Mr. Ken Miller
Connie and Robert Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Minor
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Mittendorf
Mr. Jody Montelaro
Dr. Clyde H. Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Burke T. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Mosely
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Moser
Currie and Matt Mullins
D. Denis Murrell Family
Mr. and Mrs. Dyke Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Netterville
Jake and Mary Nell Netterville
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Newbill
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Newton
Mr. Will Norman
Craig and Cindy Nuckolls
Mr. James H. Nunnally and Dr. Donna G. Nunnally
Dr. Daniel W. Nuss
Mr. Thomas A. O’Connor
Mr. John M. Parker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Parrish
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Peak
Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Persac
The Q=Petersen Family
Conway and Robert Pettit
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Philips, Jr.
Mr. Robert D. Phillips, Jr.
Mr. Gary Poirrier
Rebecca A. Porche
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Prescott
Mr. Mike Price
Jim and Blair Purgerson
Mr. Chase Rainey
Dr. Mary Raven
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Reeves
Dr. and Mrs. Leo Regan
C. D. Romero
Mr. David Madison Romero
Laura Chopin Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Rotenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rotenberg
Jeff and Elise Routier
Sanford and Jan Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Marc Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Trent Sandahl
Mr. L. Cary Saurage II
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Savoie, Jr.
Mr. Patrick Seiter
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Selser
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Sevier
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Shean
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Sides
Patricia A. Day and Joseph G. Simmons
Dr. and Mrs. Bradford J. Smith
Mr. John F. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Songy
Edward and Bernice Spiess
Dr. Anthony and Mrs. Karen Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Stephens
Katie and Erich Sternberg
Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Stolzenthaler IV
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon B. Strasner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stuart III
Mr. Wade Svendson
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Tannehill
Mr. Stephen C. Taylor
Mr. James F. Teske
Dr. and Mrs. R. Scott Thurston
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Todd
Mr. John G. Turner and Mr. Jerry Fischer
Nancy and Charles Valluzzo
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Valluzzo
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Valluzzo
Mr. and Mrs. Klaas Vander Meulen
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Waechter
Mr. Troy P. Wagener
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Waguespack
Dr. Richard Wampold
Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Ward
Henry A. Weilbacher
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Weimar
Mr. and Mrs. David Weinstein
Mr. Jeff Weston
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Whatley
Mr. and Mrs. Otey White III
Jean and Will Wilcox
Ann Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Trey Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Carey E. Winder
Anonymous (2)

Organizations, Corporations and Foundations

Advantous Consulting, LLC
Air Liquide America Corporation
The Air Products Foundation
The Almar Foundation
Amerigroup Corporation
Andreeff Foundation
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services
Ascension Storage, LLC
Austin Fire Equipment
BancorpSouth Insurance Services
Bank of St. Francisville
Billy Heroman’s Flowerland
Bob and Judy Cancienne Family Foundation
Dr. Chambliss Harrod, The Spine Center
Bra Genie
Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson
Broadmoor High School
Cangelosi Ward General Contractors, LLC
Celebrating Life in South Louisiana
Central Middle School
Centurion Construction Management
Century Rehabilitation
Chemtura Corporation
CN – Canadian National Railway Company
Cornerstone Government Affairs
Cosmetic Dentistry of Baton Rouge, LLC
Covalent Logic LLC
CRC Logistic Services, Inc.
Deep South Crane & Rigging, LLC
Doyle Electric, Inc.
Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers
Eagle Federal Credit Union
Emergent Method
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Evans Investment Advisors, LLC
ExxonMobil Foundation
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University
G & K Services, Inc.
Gator’s Den
Goss Wealth Management
Grady Crawford Construction Co., Inc.
Hexion, Inc.
Highway 30 Enterprises, Inc.
Holy Ghost Catholic School
Home Bank, N. A.
Hunt, Guillot and Associates, LLC
Huntsman Polyurethanes & Specialties
Industrial Electric Motor Service, Inc.
Jones Walker
KAG Disbursement
Kean Miller LLP
Kendra Scott Jewelry
Kinder Morgan
KLLM Transport Services, LLC
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry
The Lemoine Company
Lewis-Goetz and Company, Inc.
Makaira LLC
Mauser USA, Inc.
McMains Foundation
Mike Anderson’s Seafood, Inc.
The Milton J. Womack Foundation
Moyse Family Foundation
Neighborhood Wal-Mart – Store # 5310
Occidental Chemical Corporation
Olin Corporation
Olinde’s Furniture
Orange Grove Church of God in Christ
PCS Administration (USA), Inc.
Performance Contractors, Inc.
Pipeline Technology, LLC
PPC Mechanical Seals
Praxair, Inc.
R. J. Daigle & Sons Contractor, Inc.
Radiology Associates
Ramblin’ Oldies of Denham Springs
Reagent Chemical and Research
Reunion Lake, LLC
River Parishes Community College
Ruffino’s Italian Restaurant, LLC
Sam’s Club #6527
Setpoint Integrated Solutions
Shell and Motiva Employee Giving and Matching
Southern Livestock Supply Co., Inc.
Spring Creek Elementary School
Star Service, Inc.
STEM Magnet Academy of Pointe Coupee
Total Safety U.S., Inc.
United Community Bank
Valluzzo Companies
Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market #4048 – Prairieville
Wal-Mart Supercenter #485 – Donaldsonville
Wal-Mart Supercenter #3616 – Amite
Wal-Mart Supercenter #4683 – Baton Rouge
Waters & Pettit Commercial Real Estate
Yoglates II South
Zachary Athletic Foundation, Inc.
The 2 Seam Dream Foundation



Tara Acosta
Laurie Adams
Melinda Albin
Tina Alexander
Peggy Amato
Jessica Ashford
Tammy Asmus
Yolanda Augustus
Adrian Beckwith
Johnnay Benjamin
Paula W. Benoit
Teri Benoit
Catherine M. Berard
Luke Best
Lonnie Black
Braia Blanchard
Brittany Blanchard
Leslie Bobinchuck
Gwen Bonton
Celeste Boudreaux
Shayla Boyd
Harold Branch
Sydney Braud
Terri Bravender
Connie Breaux
Kimberly Brett
Matt Bryant
Yolanda T. Burris
Ethan J. Bush
Bonnie Caldwell
Constance Carrier
Molley Cartwright
Pamela M. Chandler
Tammy Chassion
Connel Chu
Olivia Clymer
Shauntel Cole
Denise Coley
Peggy Colona
Brittny Costella
Tammy Coubert
Cheri D’Albor
Albert Denoux
Jessica T. Desoto
Susan Dickerson
Peggy Dill
Maliakia Doucet
Morgan Douglas
Brad J. Duet
Renea Duffin
Chad A. Dunn
Pam Dykes
Deanna Emmer
Bella Faulk
Desmond Fernandez
LaJuan Fernandez-Cooper
Rhonda Fewell
Emily Fisher
Gwendolyn C. Fisher
Glenda Foster
Laura Gaddy
Whitney Gaines
Jessica C. Gaubert
Koren Gaudette
Ghenet Ghebretatios
Sarah Ghere
Danyale Gibson
Frances J. Goliwas
Joanne Grashot
Tommy Greene
Dianne H. Griffin
Kaitlyn Guerin
Bonnie Guidry
Dyanne Guidry
Teresa Daigle Guidry
Tommy Guidry
Victoria Hall
Sue Hammond
Sandy Nichols Hayden
Sherri Hayden
Michelle Hayes
Fay Hilliard
Ken Hogstrom
Aaron Holub
Michael Hornsby
Suzanne Hotard
Cheryl Howze
Theresa Hudson
Margaret Hue
Lindsay Huffman
Colleen M. Hughes
RaDerisha Hunt
Kelly Hymel
Mallorie Irwin
David Jeanfreau
Hope Jeff
Diana Johnson
Mandi Johnston
Toni Jones
Sara Kelley
Katherine Ketelsen
Cyndi Knox
Tracy P. Kubricht
Alicia LaCava
Amanda LaGrange
Leslie Landry
Courtney Landry
Donna L. Landry
Susan Ann Landry
Debbie Landry
Michelle Lato
Alexander Lauve
Francinne Lawrence
Linda Lee
Lisa Leger
Patricia Lemoine
Raymond Lenard
Kristina Little
Carly Lockhart
Denise Long
Traci Lott
Danielle Mack
Corrie Mackey
Madeline Maestri
Nicole Magee
Rebekah Maher
Tony Mazza
Leslie McArdle
Kevin McCann
Amie McKay
Ernestine McWilliams
DeeDee Miller
Scott J. Miller
Michael Miranda
Angela W. Moore
Brittany Moore
Elaise Mosley
Rachel Mumphrey
Kim F. Munsch
Sharon Myshrall
Karla Neal
Dr. Daniel Neck
James Nosacka
Julie Nunez
Melissa O’Banion
Orion N. Payne
Brandi Pellerin
Laurie B. Peltier
David Perrin
Brittany Peters
Katherine Pevey
Destin Poche
Jacqueline Polito
Rebecca A. Porche
Vantrice Potier
Lana Prejean
Kathy Probst
Randy Purcell
Susan Quinn
Betsy Raetzsch
Brandon Reeves
Maria Reyes
Trianna Roberts
Christy Robertson
Trish P. Robin
Donna Robinson
Paulette Rogers
Kristen Root
Callie Saizan
Audrey Shields
Vadel Shivers
Justin Sick
Gina Silvio
Orlando Sims
Veronica Sing
Terri-Lyn Smith
Melissa D. Smith
Jessica Snyder-Gil
Southeast Louisiana Radiation Oncology Group
Hamlet Spears
Joycelyn Spears
Angela Stam
Kristen Starkey
Todd Stevens
Michael Stewart, Jr.
Chrishelle Stipe
Carter Stone
Hailey T. Story
Josh Strahan
Lori Stroughter
Tanya Suter
Angela Taylor
Paul Thibodaux
Delana Thorn
Karla Tullier
Susan Valenti
Sarah Vandersypen
Temple Villar
Dan Vincent
Tracy Vincent
Katherine Walker
Kristin Walker
Amy Wall
Shandra Ward
Arnette Warren
Renee’ Watts
Gina Roussel Weaver
Melissa Weber
Ashly Welch
LaShandra A. Whitfield
Morgan Wiley
Alesia Williams
Andrea D. Williams
Lisa Williams
Michelle Williams
Abbie Wood
Carrie Wood
Gloria Worrell
Heather Wyatt
Anonymous (67)