The Cancer Center offers immunotherapy, an emerging way of treating cancer that harnesses an individual’s own immune system to recognize, control and potentially cure cancers. It is a different approach from conventional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. The latter attack the disease itself, while immunotherapy aims to empower the immune system to eliminate it.

Immunotherapy comes in many forms – treatment vaccines, antibody therapies and drugs and can be received through an injection, a pill or capsule, a topical ointment or cream or catheter. The side effects of immunotherapy drugs are often times more manageable than those of traditional therapies. The Cancer Center also offers a number of immunotherapy clinical trials for various types of cancer.

Because of donor support, pioneering treatments such as immunotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, leading-edge clinical trials and other advances abound at the Cancer Center. Innovation is thriving, and we are continuously looking for opportunities to do more. We were excited to recently announce that philanthropist Art Favre made a $1 million gift to advance innovation at the Cancer Center. This commitment to leading-edge science will allow us to go even further in acquiring and developing the most innovative and effective cancer-fighting technologies and therapies.

For more information on immunotherapy, please call (225) 215-5950.