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Genetic Counseling

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center provides genetic counseling and testing services for people who have an increased risk for hereditary cancer. Based on your risk assessment, we can assist you in making informed medical decisions.

Genetic counseling involves discussing your personal and family history of cancer. The goal is to provide clear and clinically relevant information about genetic risk factors in a supportive and educational atmosphere.

Genetic testing allows us to examine specific genes known to increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer, which is key in the early detection of cancers in high-risk patients.

Who should have a visit with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Genetics Clinic?

  • Anyone who has a relative found to have a germline mutation in a cancer susceptibility gene
  • Individuals with a personal or family history of:
    • Certain cancers diagnosed under the age of 50 (breast, colorectal, uterine, prostate)
    • Ovarian, pancreatic, or metastatic prostate cancer diagnosed at any age
    • More than one primary cancer
    • Bilateral cancers (breast, kidney)
    • Rare presentations such as male breast cancer or triple negative breast cancer
    • Rare cancers or tumors such as neuroendocrine tumors
    • Tumor testing showing microsatellite instability, particularly colorectal or uterine cancer
    • Tumor testing suggestive of a hereditary cancer syndrome
    • Three or more of the same or related cancers on the same side of the family
    • Greater than 10 colon polyps
    • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry and breast, ovarian, or pancreatic cancer at any age

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