Together We Triumph – Bobby’s Story

To Bobby Edrington, choosing Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center meant survival.

Bobby routinely completed blood work to check PSA levels associated with prostate cancer. Over the years, the levels continued to creep up until it became aggressive. “It was something to be dealt with very quickly.”

At the Cancer Center, Bobby described the close relationships he enjoyed with doctors and other team members around the facility. “There is a lot of compassion with how they treat their patients,” he said. “They are giving people the best treatment that they can.”

The team worked together to ensure he received the personalized treatment plan he needed.

Bobby had 39 radiation treatments. “Dr. Bermudez figured out the radiation targeting to ensure it was as effective as possible,” Bobby said. “The staff all worked collaboratively to make sure that the radiation they gave me was the right dose and in the right spot for the right amount of time.”

While it is a tough time to go through, Bobby said he remained positive. He recalled the support of the Cancer Center team after finishing his last treatment and ringing the bell. “They’re all out there cheering you on and applauding you and congratulating you for persevering,” he said.

Choosing Mary Bird Perkins in Covington was a no-brainer for Bobby because of the Cancer Center’s community focus, the proximity close to home and the team members. “There was a great group of people here, from the front desk on through the technicians in the back and everybody in between, the dieticians and finance people,” Bobby recalled. “They did a good job with me and for me, and it was painless.”

After retiring, Bobby went back to the Cancer Center and asked to volunteer and give back. “People working together is what makes a difference,” Bobby said. “It’s a family.”

Today, Bobby is living a full, healthy life as a cancer survivor.

Together We Triumph