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Mary Bird Perkins continues to provide comprehensive radiation and medical oncology (chemotherapy) services and more at our current location, 1203 S. Tyler Street adjacent to St. Tammany hospital.

Please contact us with any questions: (985) 875-2234

Comprehensive Services on the Northshore

Same Comprehensive Services. Same Location.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has served communities for 50 years, and we remain committed to serving as the epicenter for the highest-quality care for Northshore patients. We remain in the same location, offering comprehensive services, provided by a team of compassionate experts who take a team approach to every aspect of cancer treatment.

We are here to help every step of the way, located in a convenient, easy-to-access facility adjacent to St. Tammany hospital. The Cancer Center provides state‐of‐the-art radiation therapy, medical oncology (chemotherapy) and diagnostic imaging, along with national clinical trials and other vital support services. Together, through individualized treatment and care, we work in collaboration with you and your family to provide an experience that works best for everyone.

To schedule an appointment or refer a patient, call (985) 875-2234.

Serving the Northshore for Generations

For decades, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has served the Northshore community. Regardless of any changes with other community cancer care providers, please know we will continue serving the community in the same location, but with an even more comprehensive cancer program. Our philosophy is to keep a 100% focus on cancer and continually set a higher standard of care for patients.

Covington Building

Clinical Trials

Personalized Cancer Care

State-of-the-art Technologies

Patient Stories: Exceptionally Personalized Care

No two patients experience the same cancer story. Every patient we serve gets customized care tailored to their personal needs and diagnosis. Make an appointment today.

Breast Cancer Survivor
Learn about Courtney’s story

Prostate Cancer Survivor
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Early Detection & Prevention Saves Lives

Every patient deserves convenient access to cancer prevention and early detection services. In Louisiana, many patients face financial barriers and live far from the hospital. So, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center brings screening services to you, close to home. Call (985) 287-5775 or visit

To learn more about how to bring life-saving cancer prevention resources to your place of work, call (985) 284-9417.