A Concerning Trend, Explained

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Over the past few years, countless research papers, articles and medical journals have highlighted a rise in colorectal cancer diagnoses in younger adults, those under 50. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), this trend has rapidly increased since the 1990s. Not only are younger adults being diagnosed, ACS says, but more are also dying […]

An Unexpected Diagnosis with an Outcome to Match

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According to the National Cancer Institute, the rate of colorectal cancer among adults younger than 50 has steadily risen over the last three decades. In July 2021, John Chisholm, then 39, had no idea. “It never crossed my mind that I’d have cancer at all,” John says. Last summer, John and his wife, Yvette, couldn’t […]

The Right Oncologist is Key when Time is Running Out

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“Our experience with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has been a blessing. You hear about people going through miracles, and you never think you’ll be living one.” When Amanda Breshear’s mother, Bonnie Gamso, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in October 2020, she immediately knew Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center would be the place to […]

Cancer Care Unique To Your Needs: Cherise Butler’s Story

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“When you hear cancer, you automatically think death. And I was not ready to die.” Cherise Butler recalls feeling overwhelmed after being diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2020. She first spoke with a surgeon about breast removal options but was hesitant to undergo a mastectomy. She then reached out to Dr. Daniel LaVie, medical […]