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About Our Cancer Care Services

Since 1998, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has provided cancer services to the Northshore community, establishing a long history of care to Covington, Mandeville, Slidell and the surrounding areas.

The Center offers a full spectrum of cancer services, from advanced diagnostic and treatment options, to personalized rehabilitation and survivorship programs. Nationally accredited for excellence in cancer care by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington offers patients and families access to advanced technology and clinical expertise, along with compassion and individualized care.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us at (985) 875-2234.

Cancer Screenings

Prevention on the Go BusEarly detection is often your best protection against cancer. Mary Bird Perkins’ Prevention on the Go program, started in 2002, provides free access to a range of cancer screenings, including breast, colorectal, prostate and skin cancer in St. Tammany, Washington and surrounding parishes.  The Cancer Center travels throughout Louisiana and Southwest Mississippi to serve thousands of participants each year, providing more than 100,000 free community screenings since the program’s inception. To find an upcoming community screening event, visit In addition, a workplace component of Prevention on the Go offers employers an easy, convenient opportunity to help their employees stay healthy. 

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that help to test new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose or treat diseases. A drug must be part of a clinical trial before the FDA will approve it to be put on the market.

Every patient at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington in evaluated for participation in a clinical trial. Those who meet the criteria to participate in clinical research receive a standard of care treatment, but with the added benefit of a trial that may enhance their outcomes.

There are two ways you can sign up for a clinical trial:

  • Physician Referral: Ask your doctor about participating in one of our trials.
  • Phone: Call our clinical research department.

Diagnostic Imaging

Patients have easy access to efficient and convenient outpatient diagnostic services including X-rays, EGS and other lab tests at two locations in Covington and Mandeville. The Cancer Center’s physicians, nurses and support staff focus on discovering cancer in its earliest stage and efficiently crafting the most individualized treatment plans. That evolution is spurred by state-of-the-art imaging technology, including CT, nuclear medicine, SPECT/CT, PET/CT, digital fluoroscopy and MRI.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (985) 875-5665 for X-ray, ultrasound, ETC and call (985) 875-2234 for PET CT imaging.

Gamma Knife Icon

The Cancer Center offers leading-edge brain tumor treatment, with the noninvasive Gamma Knife Icon. You can receive pre- and post-procedure support at our Covington location, while receiving the treatment at our Baton Rouge location. Patients receiving treatments are seen by a Gamma Knife Icon-credentialed physician at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington for all necessary imaging, pretreatment and posttreatment care.

Genetic Counseling

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington provides genetic counseling and testing services for people who have an increased risk for hereditary cancer. Based on your risk assessment, we can assist you in making informed medical decisions.

Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy or Hematology)

Our medical oncologists at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington specialize in diagnosing and treating cancer with individualized care through chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and biological therapy, including immunotherapy. In partnership with Northshore Oncology Associates, our state-of-the-art infusion center, the Ben Blanchard Infusion Suite, is equipped with clinical expertise and advanced medicine and technology to allow patients to receive the most effective treatments in a single, convenient location.

Covington Infusion Center 2With attentive staff, we strive to ensure every visit is an efficient, positive experience. In addition, a variety of amenities are provided for enhanced patient comfort during each visit:

  • Heated chairs with USB ports
  • Headsets and Wi-Fi for mobile devices
  • Personal TV at each chair
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Soup, snacks and beverages

Other services offered at this Northshore location include blood draws, hydration therapy, intravenous antibiotic infusions, injections, pump disconnections and traditional intravenous chemotherapy infusions.

Patient Navigation and Social Services

At Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, we want your 100% focus to be on getting well.

Our patient navigators help to make sure patients and their families have all the information they need to make the most informed and timely decisions about their treatment plans. In addition to easing concerns, answering questions, coordinating care and arranging transportation, patient navigators also schedule consultations with patient support services and specialists as needed.

The navigation team at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington is made up of registered nurses, social workers, and dieticians who solely dedicated to caring for cancer patients.

Patient Navigators – Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington: (985) 276-6832

Social Workers – Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington: (985) 875-5325

Supportive and Palliative Care

Palliative care, or sometimes referred to as supportive care and comfort care, is dedicated to making patients with cancer live an easier life and improve their quality of life. Palliative care focuses on cancer prevention and treatment, as well as managing the psychological, physical, social and spiritual side effects that result from the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Support and Survivorship

To help survivors lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center offers survivorship programs that address social, emotional and spiritual needs for the increasing number of cancer survivors on the Northshore.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington has officially opened its new Image Recovery Room for patients to utilize during cancer treatment. The intimate room is located directly next to the Ben Blanchard Infusion Suite and will provide an array of services to patients, including wigs, chemo beanies, scarves and other head coverings, as well as post-breast surgery garments, prosthetics and bras. Additional services could include oncology massage therapy, and facial and cosmetology offerings.

We offer a multitude of support services/groups, including:

  • Chair Yoga and Meditation
  • Image Recovery Room
  • Breast Cancer Support
  • Facing Cancer Together
  • Pet Therapy

Radiation Therapy

Dr. Long (radiation oncologist)

Our physicians are experienced in treating cancer with highly-effective therapies that minimize your risk of side effects. We use radiation therapy (a carefully targeted and regulated x-ray treatment that damages or destroys cancer cells in the body) by targeting tumors with high doses of radiation for shorter periods of time. Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington’s radiation oncology specialists are knowledgeable in the latest radiation therapy technologies and procedures with many years of experience in treating a variety of cancers.

With an experienced team and advanced technology, you can expect the support and results you’re required for the most effective treatments, including:

  • Customized treatment and exam schedules that will work around your busy schedule
  • PET CT imaging services offering the best technology for planning your treatment
  • Advanced technology reduces radiation exposure to healthy tissues and organs and focuses on eliminating cancer
  • We offer the most precise individually-tailored radiotherapy treatment plans to provide the best possible outcomes

Therapeutic Food Pantry

Patients at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington facing food or financial struggles brought on by a cancer diagnosis can maintain a diverse and nutritious diet through the therapeutic food pantry. The program serves two purposes: providing sustenance to those facing food insecurity and allowing patients with special nutritional needs access to a wide variety of freezer and long-shelf life items. Fueled by generosity from the community, the food pantry has expanded its offerings through a partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans.

Surgery Clinic

Allowing patients access to cancer care closer to home, is paramount to the Cancer Center’s mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer. At Mary Bird Perkins, the Surgery Clinic does just that. The Surgery Clinic provides patients post-operation and follow-up appointments with Dr. John Lyons, surgical oncologist. The Surgery Center serves as a closer option for patients in recovery on the Northshore. Patients can be referred to the Surgery Center, where Dr. Lyons also evaluates new patients.

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